AAPB Remembrance and Resilience Circle

Friday, August 6, 2021
7:15 pm ET/6:15 pm CT/5:15 pm MT/4:15 pm PT




A virtual In Memoriam celebration honoring...Stuart Donaldson, Les Fehmi, Joe Kamiya, Lawrence Klein, Peter Rosenfeld, Michael Thompson, Evgeny Vaschillo and more

Sharing space, paying tribute, synching heart rates...  It is time to gather within the AAPB community for an "In Memoriam Celebration, en masse."  The culminating loss of several of the most foundational biofeedback/ psychophysiology pioneers, AAPB leaders and friends gives us an opportunity to reflect, grieve and be there for one another.
On Friday, August 6, 2021 at 7:15 pm ET, we will honor our dearly departed and integrate meaningful conversation on loss at an informal virtual gathering where we will be:

  • Storytelling -- open sharing and anecdotes from those who knew our honorees best
  • Offering open discussion on loss and resilience
  • Facilitating an audience participatory Q&A session with our special guests who will respond to questions about these foundational figures
  • Providing guided group co-regulation/meditation session

We are very honored to have AAPB Board member, Dr. Brad Lichtenstein, join us. He will direct the group guided meditation and help us facilitate the event – addressing the concept of loss and healing. Dr. Lichtenstein is so uniquely qualified to offer comfort and understanding to us all with over 500 guided bedside meditations to hospice patients and the delivery of over 40+ Death & Cupcakes gatherings around the greater Seattle area, encouraging people to become more comfortable with the inevitable reality that faces us all.

Attendance is open to all AAPB members and friends who wish to attend - participate or just to listen and learn about the irreplaceable individuals who innovated, regulated, elevated the art and science Biofeedback and the dealing with universal loss. The session will be recorded and shared widely.


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