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AAPB is proud to be able to offer different pricing options for members, non-members, and various different communities. Please check below to see which conference pass you qualify for. You may register online by clicking the “Register Now” hyperlink above or complete and return a PDF registration form to AAPB.

If registering online, please be sure to login with your member login credentials, or if not an AAPB member, create a profile by continuing as a New User.

Should you have any issues or questions during registration, please contact AAPB at, or by phone at 800-477-892.



FULL REGISTRATION By 9/20/20 After 9/20/20 FULL REGISTRATION By 9/20/20 After 9/20/20
AAPB Member $445 $495 *Long-Term Member $355 $395
ISNR/ISMA/IABMCP Member $475 $525 VA Member $250 $300
Non-member $555 $615 VA Non-Member $300 $400
Full-time Student $95 $110 International Member $440 $490
AAPB Past President $50 $110 International Non-Member $490 $590

* If you have been a member of AAPB for 20 years (consecutive or total) and are a current or renewing member at the time of registration - you will qualify for the lowered rate, which is a 20% discount off of the regular member rate.
** AAPB is committed to support not only our military and veterans but also those who care for them in the VA. Discount applies to active military and VA employees only. Proof of employment or military status required with registration.


ONE-DAY REGISTRATION By 9/20/20 After 9/20/20 ONE-DAY REGISTRATION By 9/20/20 After 9/20/20
Member: Friday, March 15, 2019 $235 $255 Member: Saturday, March 16, 2019 $235 $255
Non Member: Friday, March 15, 2019 $255 $275 Non Member: Saturday, March 16, 2019 $255 $275





FULL DAY By 9/20/20 After 9/20/20 FULL DAY By 9/20/20 After 9/20/20
AAPB Member $250 $270 Long-Term Member $200 $215
Non-Member $300 $320 Student Member $120 $130
VA Member $125 $135 Student Non-Member $145 $155
VA Non-Member $150 $160      


HALF DAY By 9/20/20 After 9/20/20 HALF DAY By 9/20/20 After 9/20/20
AAPB Member $135 $155 Long-Term Member $108 $172
Non-Member $175 $205 Student Member $65 $80
VA Member $65 $75 Student Non-Member $90 $105
VA Non-Member $75 $80      


Cancellation, Refund and Compliance Policy

Please address questions, concerns, and any complaints to AAPB, via Phone: 800-477-8892, or via Email, AAPB is committed to accessibility and non-discrimination in its continuing education activities. Participants are asked to be aware of the need for privacy and confidentiality throughout the program. If program content becomes stressful, participants are encouraged to process these feelings during discussion periods. If participants have special needs, we will make every attempt to accommodate them in compliance with the ADA act.

Refund/Attendance Policy: Cancellations received in the AAPB office by October 5, 2020 will be refunded minus a $50 processing fee. Cancellations must be made in writing and faxed to 720.881.6102 or emailed to Refunds will not be given after this date.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Those who attend this conference in full and complete the appropriate evaluation form will receive CE credits. Those arriving more than 15 minutes after the start time or leaving before a given conference activity is completed will not receive CE credit.

Grievance Policy: AAPB is fully committed to conducting all activities in strict conformance with the American Psychological Association's Ethical Principles of Psychologists. They will comply with all legal and ethical responsibilities to be non-discriminatory in promotional activities, program content and in the treatment of program participants. If participants have special needs, we will attempt to accommodate them. Trainings are held in locations accessible to persons with disabilities. Accommodations will be made if requested. While AAPB works to assure fair treatment for all participants and attempts to anticipate problems, there will be occasional issues which will require intervention and/or action on the part of AAPB. This procedural description serves as a guideline for handling such grievances. When a participant, either orally or in written format, files a grievance and expects action on the issue, the following actions will be taken: 1. If the grievance concerns a speaker, the content presented by the speaker, or the style of presentation, the individual filing the grievance will be asked to put his/her comments in written format. The CE Coordinator will then pass on the comments to the speaker, assuring the confidentiality of the grieved individual. 2. If the grievance concerns a workshop offering, its content, level of presentation, or the facilities in which the workshop was offered, the CE Coordinator will mediate and will be the final arbitrator. If the participant requests action during a workshop or conference, the CE Coordinator or his/her representative will: a. attempt to move the participant to another presentation or; b. provide a credit for a subsequent presentation or; c. provide a partial or full refund of the registration fee. Actions 2b and 2c will require a written note, documenting the grievance, for record keeping purposes. The note need not be signed by the grieved individual. 3. If the grievance concerns the business practices of AAPB, in a specific regard, the CE Coordinator will attempt to arbitrate.

There is no commercial support for this program nor are there any relationships between the CE Sponsor, presenting organization, presenter, program content, research, grants, or other funding that could reasonably be construed as conflicts of interest.

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