AAPB 2019 Webinar 4: Addressing Opioid Addiction Using Advanced Neuromodulation Techniques

Addressing Opioid Addiction Using Advanced Neuromodulation Techniques

Presented by
Nicholas Dogris, PhD, QEEG-D, BCN
Wednesday, July 24, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET

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Course Description:

The purpose of this research was to determine if neuromodulation techniques (tDCS, tACS, tRNS and pEMF) have clinical utility on patients undergoing the first five days of a opioid rehabilitation detoxification program.  52 patients (39 males, 13 females) were in the “Stimulation Only” group and were compared to 45 patients (30 males, 15 females) in the “Neurofeedback Only” group.  Patients in the stimulation only group demonstrated significantly more changes in the EEG in the alpha, beta, beta1, beta2, beta3, high beta and gamma frequency bands as compared to the neurofeedback only group that showed changes in the alpha band.  The stimulation only group reported significant reduction in anxiety and improved sleep from day one to day five of the treatment program.  PHQ-9 and GAD-7 Norm referenced scales showed significant improvements in both anxiety and depression symptoms.  These results suggest that neuromodulation modalities have clinical utility on patients who participate in a detoxification program that utilizes neuromodulation during the first five days of detoxification.

Learning Objectives:
Professionals who complete this webinar will be able to:

  • Develop a basic understanding of tDCS, tACS, tRNS and pEMF mechanisms of action.
  • Develop a basic understanding of the impact of tDCS, tACS, tRNS and pEMF on the EEG.
  • Develop a basic understanding of opioid detoxification symptoms and medical interventions.
  • Develop a basic understanding of how neurostimulation compares to neurofeedback in the first five days of detox.
  • Develop a basic understanding of how neuromodultation reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety in detox.

Level: Intermediate

Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in methods to enhance or improve the effectiveness of substance abuse detoxification programs. Anyone interested in neuromodulation.

CE Credits: 1 credit

Psychologists: The Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. AAPB maintains responsibility for the program and its content. This webinar offers a MAXIMUM of 1 hour.

BCIA Recertification: Hour-for-hour attendance in breakout sessions/workshops may be used to fulfill the continuing education requirements for recertification with certificate of attendance.


Presenter Bio:
Nicholas Dogris, PhD, QEEG-D, BCN is a licensed health psychologist and neuroscientist who practices with his wife at NeuroField Neurotherapy in Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Dogris is the neurorehabilitation director at the Florida House Experience in Deerfield Beach, Florida which is a substance abuse and mental health rehabilitation program. He is an expert in the field of psychology with board certifications in neurofeedback and quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) analysis. He has been in the electroencephalography (EEG) field for 30 years and began his work while attending Humboldt State University working on P300 research in 1987. Dr. Dogris earned his PhD from the California School of Professional Psychology and holds four advanced degrees. He has worked in the field for 27 years and has experience working with a wide variety of mental health populations including children, adolescents and adults. Dr. Dogris has held positions as the Program Chief of Mono County Mental Health, Orange County Mental Health, Inyo County Mental Health and College Hospital. He has been mentored by some of the founders of the field of neurofeedback and has had the pleasure of developing innovations with them. He is the co-founder and CEO of NeuroField, Inc which he co-founded in 2008. He developed the first, synchronized, neuromodulation and neurofeedback system that utilized normed referenced data and QEEG analysis for the treatment of multiple neurological problems. This system, known as NeuroField, combines pulsed electromagnetic fields (pEMF) and transcranial alternating/direct current stimulation (tDCS/tACS) with EEG neurofeedback so as to optimize the functioning of the human brain. Dr. Dogris has developed over 200 protocols for the NeuroField system and continues to create new innovations for the Florida House Experience patients with a specific emphasis on reducing cravings, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression and helping to restore normal sleeping patterns. Dr. Dogris continues to conduct research on tDCS, tACS, tRNS, pEMF and neurofeedback based modalities.

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