AAPB Fellowship Program

Advancement to Fellow Status in the
Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

The AAPB Fellowship Program is a program of earned recognition for AAPB members who are making significant and sustained contributions to the science and practice of applied psychophysiology and biofeedback.

Individuals who earn fellowship may use the designation “Fellow of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback” (AAPB). The names of these individuals will be maintained in the AAPB Registry of Fellows at www.aapb.org and formally recognized at the Annual Scientific Meeting. Additionally, AAPB Fellows receive a physical display certificate (additional fees apply).

AAPB Inducted Fellows:
The following scientists have been approved as AAPB Fellows for demonstrating
meritorious service, excellence in professional practice and educational achievement, commitment to pursuit of continuing education, advancement of the proficiency and modality of biofeedback through innovation and subject matter expertise and knowledge sharing:

Peter A. Behel, MA Donald Moss, PhD
Ethan Benore, PhD George Rozelle, PhD
Divya Kakaiya, PhD Saul Rosenthal, PhD
Inna Khazan, PhD Robert Alonso Sosa, MD, PhD
Nicole McGuffin, PsyD Patrick Steffen, PhD
  Gabriel Tan, PhD


AAPB Honorary Fellows:
The following scientists have been named as Honorary Fellows. This is a lifetime honorary designation for use with the AAPB community or interprofessional correspondence only, subject to continuing AAPB membership and compliance with the AAPB Ethical Standards.

Frank Andrasik, PhD Joel Lubar, PhD Johann Stoyva, PhD
John Arena, PhD Angele McGrady, PhD Ute Strehl, PhD
Steven Baskin, PhD Susan Middaugh, PhD Mari Swingle, PhD
Edward Blanchard Erik Peper, PhD Edward Taub, PhD
Robert L. Conder, Jr., PsyD Gabriel Sella, MD Julian F. Thayer, PhD
Richard Gevirtz, PhD Fred Shaffer, PhD Lynda Thompson, PhD
Christopher Gilbert, PhD Estate Sokhadze, PhD Michael Thompson, MD
Alan Glaros, PhD M. Barry Sterman, PhD Evgeny Vaschillo, PhD
Paul Lehrer, PhD   Steven Wolf, PhD, PTA, PT

The purpose of the AAPB fellowship program is to: 

Recognize significant and sustained contribution to advancement of applied psychophysiology and biofeedback through scholarship, professionalism and commitment to AAPB’s Ethical Code through:

  • Meritorious service
  • Excellence in professional practice
  • Excellence in educational achievement
  • Commitment to pursuit of continuing education
  • Advancement of the proficiency and modality of biofeedback through innovation, subject matter expertise and knowledge sharing
  • Provide an incentive for members to contribute to the advancement of biofeedback
  • Bring together senior AAPB professionals as an organizational resource for continued promotion and development of the profession through a variety of activities 


AAPB members with advanced degrees (minimum master’s degree) in education, health, optimal performance and science-related fields from nationally, internationally and/or regionally-accredited universities and/or with state-issued educational or healthcare licenses may qualify as an AAPB Fellow. 

You must be an active member of AAPB to apply.

A minimum of 5 years professional experience working in applied psychophysiology or biofeedback or related field is required for application.

1) Education Requirements:

  • 12 hours of relevant professional APA-sanctioned CE per year for the last 4 years (minimum of 48 hours), which could include:
    • completion of nationally, internationally and/or regionally-accredited university courses
    • participation in professional state, regional and/or national meeting presentations and professional webinars
    • professional instruction of a (minimally) regionally-accredited university course
  • Professional scientific meeting presentation acceptance
  • Authorship or editorship of a professionally relevant book, book chapter, or journal article
  • Completion of a master’s or doctoral dissertation
  • BCIA-approved mentorship

2) Ethical Requirement: 

Commit to follow AAPB’s Ethical Principles

3) Additional requirements:

  • Application and Maintenance Fees: once Fellowship status is attained, the reapplication is $15.00 every four years, with active membership. Application fee is non-refundable based on application outcome
  • Completion of the online application as instructed
  • Subject to random audit annually. AAPB management may require that supporting documentation be produced to verify status.

Candidate Review Process:

In reviewing the application portfolio, the evidence that the applicant presents under each category is rated on a scale from 0 to 5 with 0 indicating no evidence presented, 3 indicating moderate evidence presented, and 5 indicating compelling evidence presented.  An aggregate rating from all categories is used to confirm the degree to which the candidate has met the fellowship requirements of significant and sustained contributions to applied psychophysiology and biofeedback.  An aggregate rating of 20 points or higher must be achieved for fellowship to be conferred.

Applications will be assessed monthly for Board approval.  Notification of status and further instructions will be sent via email.

Honorary Fellowship:

The AAPB Board of Directors, in conjunction with the AAPB Professional Practices Committee, may nominate any person who is recognized for life time significant contributions to AAPB and/ or the field of biofeedback for the title of Honorary Fellow of AAPB. This is a lifetime honorary designation for use within the AAPB community or interprofessional correspondence only, subject to continuing AAPB membership and compliance with the AAPB Ethical Standards. 

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