CE Provider Application Packet

AAPB Continuing Education Application Packet


Introduction and Instructions:

AAPB is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to offer continuing education (CE) for psychologists and is accredited to co-sponsor CE programs offered by other organizations provided that they meet a specific set of requirements. The steps to be taken are as follows:

  1. AAPB should be considered to be and marketed in your program material as a co-sponsor of your program.
  2. The following items are to be presented to AAPB 1) a minimum of 60-days prior to the event and 2) before posting any reference to CE credits or the use of AAPB’s name in connection with the event:
    1. Draft content for the proposed CE offering with a complete schedule of events including:
      1. Date(s) of the event
      2. Times
      3. Course descriptions for each CE offering
      4. The overall conference learning objectives
      5. Course learning objectives for each CE offering
    2. A registration form
    3. The evaluation form(s) to be used for the conference and each CE offering
    4. Sample CE certificate
    5. Biographical sketches for each presenter
    6. The Conflict of Interest form from each presenter
    7. CV’s for each presenter (NOTE: Do not submitted CVs to AAPB. They must be maintained in your records should your CE offerings ever be audited by APA or should AAPB require selected material for its records).
  3. Please use the Application for CE Recognition Form to submit your CE petition request to AAPB. AAPB reserves the right to reject applications submitted without the use of this form.
  4. Also attached is a Sample Speaker Form that you can use to collect the speaker information along with Continuing Education Application Guidelines. We encourage you to review this material carefully before submitting your CE application.
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