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February 2013



Blind Man's Syndrome

I think I get credit for calling this "blind man's syndrome." I haven't seen it described like this before. Anyway, here it is...

You are on a bus coming home after a long day at work and there is standing room only. You grab onto one of the bars and all of the sudden someone pushes you in your back. Ok, it's crowded and stuff like that happens. But it happens a second and third time. The fourth time, you whirl around to confront this inconsiderate person and find an older gentleman hunched over hanging on for dear life with one hand while the other hand is on...a white and red cane. All of the sudden the situation changes from one of anger to one of maybe helping the man find a seat.

Having been president of AAPB for nearly a year I have found that my perspective has changed. I no longer see it as a collection of people with a variety of interests but more as a living, breathing entity, and as such, with needs, aspirations, frustrations, achievements, with a very select group of people as members.   It goes something like this...

passionate people + a high degree of education + financial duress + the use of fragmented communication (email, twitter, social networks) = a recipe for misunderstanding, hence my story about the blind man

I can tell you that over and over and over again I have witnessed first hand the blind man syndrome in operation within AAPB. Its members are mentally gifted and they could have chosen any line of work but for whatever reason they entered a helping profession. And, as it turns out, it's getting harder to get a fair income for the work done. So, folks work harder and in a quick stolen moment check the email or network site and find something disturbing.

Unfortunately, often what they get is some email that inaccurately portrays AAPB or its members. They are unknowingly in the same place that our bus rider was while he was getting bumped around by what appeared to be an inconsiderate fellow. I can tell you that 99% of my interactions with board members, staff, and the general membership involved highly ethical people who have as a goal- the good of the organization and its members. They often have to deal with highly complex situations with no easy answers akin to a Secretary of State.

So should you do if you find yourself wondering why this or that appears to be the case....call the president or any board member, call the AAPB headquarters and they will direct your call to the appropriate person.


Jeffrey Bolek, PhD
AAPB President


AAPB Annual Scientific Meeting: Better Late Than Never!

Over 200+ of the world's leaders in applied psychophysiology and biofeedback will be in Portland this March. Will you be among them? It is not too late to register for this important convergence of "thought leadership" in the field - March 13-16, 2013 in Portland, Oregon. Offering a programmatic balance between foundational knowledge and exciting clinical/educational biofeedback treatment approaches, the theme of this year's Annual Meeting is "Creating Synergy: Integrating Methods and Modalities."

The AAPB 44th
Annual Scientific Meeting
Portland, Oregon at the Hilton Portland Executive Towers, March 13-16, 2013.

Although the early registration deadline is past, you can still take advantage of the opportunity to hear many stimulating speakers, panels, and symposia, and participate in other diverse breakout sessions that will highlight recent developments in psychophysiology and biofeedback, while reviewing the basics. You will gain the knowledge to achieve synergy in your research endeavors and in your practice. Following is our TOP TEN  list of those breakout sessions that have received the highest pre-registration attendance to date:

1) BOS25: Distinguished Scientist Presentation by Erik Peper, PhD, BCB

2) BOS10: Management and Interpretation of Heart Rate Variability Data

3) BOS17: Psychophysiological Assessment of Chronic Pain

4) BOS05: HRV and Back Pain

5) BOS28: Physiology of Stress for Biofeedback Practitioners

6) BOS36: Current Psychophysiological Perspectives on Adult and Pediatric Headache

7) BOS21: Effects of Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback on Stress Responsiveness

8) BOS04: Presidential Lecture: The Pulse of Performance...

9) BOS31: Biofeedback and Chronic Health Conditions...

10) BOS02: Integrative Methods - How Research Can Inform Practice

Expect the AAPB 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting to be fun-filled, packed with information for immediate application, and rich with many opportunities to network, make new friends, and share your knowledge! Click on one of the links below to learn more and to register today! 

Register Now 
Registration Information 
Preliminary Meeting Program
Printable Registration Form
Hotel Information
Travel Information
Program of Events

AAPB Annual Meeting Session Recordings Available for Purchase!

If are unable to attend the 2013 AAPB Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon on March 13-16, or if are coming and just could not attend all the sessions that interest you, we encourage you to purchase CD, DVD and/or full-meeting or individual session MP3 audio session downloads. Backcountry Recording is offering audio recordings of many of the meeting's educational sessions. Information on available recordings and pricing may be obtained following the meeting by contacting:  

(904) 460-2379

Discounts apply for onsite purchases. Be sure to stop by the registration counter for details on pricing and so that you can take your recordings home with you or check in following the meeting to place your order.


Springer Book Archives Launched

Springer, the publisher of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, now offers online access to 37,000 of its historic English-language books with the launch of the Springer Book Archives at the American Library Association's 2013 Midwinter Meeting on January 25. It's expected the collection will comprise 100,000 titles by the end of the year. Each title is available DRM (digital rights management)-free, is fully searchable, and is mobile-optimized for any device. A print-on-demand option is available, thus rendering the phrase "out of print" obsolete.

The archive includes titles from about 40 renowned imprints, such as Chapman & Hall, Kluwer Academic Publishers, and Plenum Press, and affirms the commitment to preserve valuable scholarly content that will enable academics/researchers worldwide to access forever a rich trove of information via their libraries.

If you published a book with Springer before 2005 or think you may have, please visit www.springer.com/SBAauthor to find out how you can easily assign digital rights to your book(s) and your benefits in doing so.

Submit Your Paper to Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

To submit your next paper to Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback please go to: http://apbi.edmgr.com. For information about the journal (aims and scope, Editorial Board, author instructions, etc.), please visit its homepage: www.springer.com/10484.

Editor-in-Chief Frank Andrasik (e-mail: fndrasik@memphis.edu) is pleased to answer your general inquiries about the journal and receive suggestions for special thematic issues.

Sign up for SpringerAlerts for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

To sign up for free SpringerAlerts for this journal, please visit its homepage (www.springer.com/10484). You'll be informed when each current issue (4 a year) is published online and what papers are in it weeks before receiving the print version.


The Biofeedback Certification International Alliance

BCIA certifies individuals who meet education and training standards in biofeedback, neurofeedback, and biofeedback for pelvic muscle dysfunction, and progressively recertifies those who advance their knowledge through continuing education. For more information on certification or recertification, contact BCIA today:

Phone: (303) 422-2902
Fax: (720) 881-6101
Web: www.bcia.org
Email: info@bcia.org


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