April 2012

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April 2012




Dear AAPB Members,

Responses to the membership survey are arriving at an increased pace as the May 1 deadline approaches. The results will be tallied and announced to the membership on the member’s only website, “warts and all”, i.e., no editing will be done. This is not just one more “busy work” exercise that gets filed away and forgotten. Your comments are read and acted upon!

Based on a reoccurring theme thus far in the survey the following actions we be instituted immediately:

  • Every month the balance sheet of income and expenditures will be posted on the member's only section of the website. Any member has the right to ask for clarification of a particular item.
  • Every month a reimbursement invoice will be sent to Richard Harvey, a member of the board and our treasurer.
  • On any given month Richard can ask for additional detail on any expenditure. For example, he can ask to see the actual bill and the receipt for the monies used to pay it.

We are a small organization and it is very easy for rumors to spread quickly. I can tell you that as president of AAPB I have not seen any evidence of questionable financial practices on the part of the headquarters staff. Be that as it may this is still a topic of concern to some of the membership. With the actions taken above it is no longer an issue for concern. There is complete, 100% financial transparency by the headquarters staff and the AAPB board of directors.

An organization’s budget is no different from a personal budget. I know that I have to ask myself at times where the money went in my own budget. Look at the balance sheet when it is posted. The fact is we are a lean organization. No one is dipping into the pot to take trips or other extravagant expenditures (like the GAO!).
Yes, the conferences are expensive but AAPB consists of a very select group of professionals. We do not have the huge number of members that other professional organizations have.

Lastly, there is something you can do to improve the financial bottom line...volunteer! Email any board member or the headquarters staff and tell them you want to contribute some of your time to AAPB. We could use some members to help keep the forums alive and current. There are many unfilled volunteer opportunities within AAPB. More volunteers equals more exposure to other professionals to AAPB equals more interest in joining equals more revenue for conferences equals reduced cost for the conferences!

On my first day as president I promised the results of the membership survey would shape my presidency and this is the first of many changes that will be happening to AAPB as a result of your input.


Jeffrey Bolek, PhD
AAPB President


Neurofeedback Treatment for Veterans suffering from PTSD

The EEG Institute, a world leader in Neurofeedback research and training, and Homecoming for Veterans are offering this cutting-edge treatment, at no cost, for veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through a network of clinicians across the country. Visit the Homecoming for Veterans website for more information on their program and to view their video “Regaining Control: Neurofeedback and PTSD.”

Ritalin Gone Wrong

L. Alan Sroufe, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development, published an opinion article “Ritalin Gone Wrong” in the Sunday Review section of The New York Times on January 28, 2012. Click here to read the article that is based on his experience of studying the development of troubled children for more than 40 years and the effects of prescription drugs on this population.


2012 AAPB Annual Scientific Meeting – A HUGE Success!

The AAPB Board of Directors, Program Planning Committee and staff organizers would like to thank all of you who attended the 43rd AAPB Annual Scientific Meeting: Evoking Human Potential in Baltimore, Maryland. In addition, we wish to thank the scholars, researchers, practitioners and thought leaders who presented their work at the conference. We also couldn’t have offered such a magnificent program without the generous support of our sponsors and exhibitors.

Highlights from the meeting:

  • Biofeedback Day: In an effort to reach out to the community of consumers, students, and other healthcare practitioners who want to learn more about biofeedback AAPB offered a one-day pass to attend the Annual Meeting on Saturday to non-biofeedback healthcare practitioners. In addition a special presentation by Dr. Jeffrey Bolek, Dr. Fred Schaffer and Judy Crawford, BCIA titled “Intro to Biofeedback: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were to Afraid to Ask” offered a basic introduction to biofeedback. We are pleased by the response and participation we received from this inaugural year offering. Over 10 practitioners in the Baltimore area joined us on Saturday to learn more about Biofeedback. Look for a continuation of this program at the 2013 meeting.
  • Book Sales: This year, a very popular stop at the conference was the AAPB Bookstore. We sold out of many titles onsite. If you did not have the opportunity to pick up one or all of the following books at the conference, they are available online at the AAPB Online Store. The AAPB Bookstore offers some 300 selections including the latest clinical and scientific literature in the form of books, monographs, and materials for practice development.
Details on obtaining your APA CE verification

Psychologists and other attendees seeking APA-approved continuing education credit for attending the 2012 AAPB Annual Meeting must complete the online evaluation. Please click here to access the online CE evaluation.

Your CE certificate is the white copy of the form that you completed onsite at the Annual Meeting. If you forgot to return your form - please mail it to us at One Parkview Plaza, Suite 800, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 or email a PDF file to mgreenfield@resourcenter.com.

The Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. AAPB maintains responsibility for the program.

Membership Survey – Deadline May 1, 2012

In the upcoming year, it is our goal to enhance your experience with AAPB by increasing our service and value to you, our esteemed member. We are dedicated to offering benefits that meet your specific needs.

Please remember to participate in our brief survey that will allow you to voice your opinions on our current offerings and enable you to give suggestions on what you would like to see changed or incorporated into our organization.

We strongly encourage you to take a few moments and respond to this short survey. The survey will close at midnight eastern time on May 1, 2012. AAPB appreciates your input and will be using your suggestions and comments to make a substantially important decision regarding the future of AAPB.

NEW SEMG Discussion Forum

A forum for interested AAPB members that use SEMG is now open for business!  Go to Yahoo, groups, and select SEMGDISCUSSIONPROFESSIONALSONLY. This replaces the old list-serve/forum on the AAPB website for the sEMG Division. All AAPB members are invited to participate.

Protect Science Funding! Join the FABBS Action Alert List Now!

The Federation of Associations in the Behavioral and Brain Sciences (FABBS) is enlisting your help in protecting funding for science – particularly the kind of science you practice as a biofeedback practitioner.  You can help by joining the Action E-List of FABBS – the organization that represents you to Congress and other branches of government. AAPB is a member of FABBS and a huge supporter of the advocacy that they do on behalf of our industry. We have joined – and we hope you will too!

When urgent matters arise, FABBS utilizes their database that allows individual scientists to contact their members of Congress. AAPB wants to get our members registered in the database so that we are ready when cuts to federal spending are being debated. We must be able to respond immediately, and getting scientists to register now will help.

In Washington, DC and on the campaign trail, Republicans and Democrats alike are talking about cuts to federal spending. The Budget Control Act agreed to by the White House and Congress last year capped federal spending for 10 years, and set in play additional cuts of $1.2 trillion to domestic spending that are set to begin in January 2013 and run for another 8 years.  Your participation can help limit the damage to funding for our sciences.

NIH predicts that when the cuts scheduled to begin in Jan. 2013 are added to already stagnant funding levels, success rates will drop into the single digits and there will be a loss of around 2300 research grants. NSF and other federal science agencies are likely to take similar hits.

We are particularly concerned that in the effort to find cuts, our sciences could be targeted.  In recent years, the value of federal funding for our sciences was called into question in a House subcommittee hearing, and one Senator specifically called for the elimination of the NSF Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Directorate.

We need you! As members of Congress debate government cuts, we need to marshal ALL our resources and be ready to respond. To do this, we need you to register for FABBS Action Alerts.

Over the coming weeks, we hope to register thousands of scientists in our database. Once registered, you will receive an alert if something occurs that needs your attention. You will be directed to a specific message prepared by FABBS, and if you approve the message, an email will be sent to your member of Congress. It’s that easy!

Sign up now for FABBS Action Alert (“Action E-List”), and ask your colleagues to do the same: http://www.fabbs.org/news/alerts-register/.   Please be sure to use your home contact information so that your Congressional district will be registered correctly. Make sure to check the box for AAPB when signing up. Please note, your email addresses will not be sold or shared.


Career Center

Are you looking to change your current career position or looking for qualified applicants to fill an open spot in your clinic or university? AAPB’s Career Center is the place where we link the best employees with the employer’s in our field with jobs that are generally not accessible in traditional online searches.

The Career Center allows you to:

  • Post resumes anonymously. Whether you're actively or passively seeking work, your online resume is your ticket to great career offers
  • View careers. Access the newest and freshest careers available to professionals seeking employment.
  • View current resumes. We have access to some of the best professionals in the field.
  • Post a career opening. Reach the most qualified candidates by posting your career opening on our online Career Center.
  • Create a personalize career alert. Never let a matching career opportunity pass you by! New careers that match your search criteria are emailed directly to you.

To get started visit the Career Center website and create your Career Seeker or Employment account.


Virtual Education 2012 Webinar Schedule

AAPB understands that all of your educational needs may not be met with our annual scientific conference. That is why we offer monthly virtual education webinars to help fulfill your educational needs.

Virtual Education Webinars are 90-120 minutes each and provide up to 2.0 hours of continuing education credit. The webinars are all recorded live and available for purchase in the AAPB Store for those who were unable to attend.

We are pleased to announce the first two webinars of the 2012 season presented by leaders in the field of biofeedback. Please see below for a list of our current offerings and keep watching your email inbox for announcements of the many other exciting webinars we will be offering throughout the year.

Click the titles below for more information and to register.

Lessons from the Neuroscience of Addiction – May 31, 2012 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm ET. Presented by Fred Shaffer, PhD, BCB, Professor of Psychology, Truman State University and Saybrook University.

SAVE THE DATE: 2013 Annual Meeting: March 13-16 in Portland, Oregon

Mark your calendars for March 13-16, 2013 to attend the 44th Annual Scientific Meeting in Portland, Oregon. You won't want to miss this educational event and the networking opportunities available! The theme for 2013 is Creating Synergy: Integrating Methods and Modalities.

Keynote Speakers include:

  • Dennis C. Turk, PhD, John and Emma Bonica Professor of Anesthesiology & Pain Research; Director, Center for Pain Research on Impact, Measurement, & Effectiveness (C-PRIME) at University of Washington; Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Journal of Pain
  • Leslie Sherlin, PhD, Chief Science Officer, Neurotopia, Inc.
  • Chet Moritz, PhD, Assistant Professor, Depts of Rehabilitation Medicine and Physiology & Biophysics, University of Washington School of Medicine


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