Brief summary of evidence supporting the efficacy of biofeedback for Vulvar Vestibulitis:

EMG biofeedback and pelvic floor exercises have been used to treat women with vulvar vestibulitis. A randomized study comparing biofeedback, with cognitive behavioral therapy, and with vestibulectomy demonstrated that all three groups reported statistically significant reductions in pain and improvements in sexual function and psychological adjustment (Bergeron et al., 2001). Although the vestibulectomy group was more successful than the two other groups in regard to pain reduction, some of the patients assigned to this group refused the intervention. The benefit of EMG biofeedback and pelvic floor exercises also been demonstrated in two uncontrolled studies, with patients showing reductions in pain and about 70% able to resume sexual activity without discomfort (Glazer, Rodke, Swencionis, Hertz, & Young, 1995; McKay et al, 2001).

* Much of the information provided here is from Carolyn Yucha and Christopher Gilbert's 2004 book "Evidence Based Practice in Biofeedback & Neurofeedback" AAPB, Wheat Ridge, CO.

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