Why biofeedback would help this problem: Brain waves are electrical signals recorded from the surface of the head over the brain. They are called electroencephalographic (EEG) waves. They reflect activity in the brain structures which produce them. When a brain is injured, the EEG from the damaged area may be abnormal. Waves from undamaged parts of the brain which need to deal with the damaged parts while keeping the body going and thinking may also change as the undamaged parts of the brain work to compensate for the damaged parts. People having brain damage are taught to alter their brainwaves through neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback).

People who do neurofeedback generally feel that the parts of the brain generating the abnormal proportions of brainwaves can be taught to function normally by teaching the brain to produce the correct (normal) proportions of brainwaves. Theoretically, the more normal the brainwaves are, the more normally the patient should behave. Thus, the treatment's success is proportional to how well the patient learns to normalize his or her brainwaves.

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