Why biofeedback would help this problem: There are many different causes of chronic pain. In many instances there is a specific problem which can be identified. In others, the body has become oversensitive to stimulation. Anxiety can also magnify pain tremendously. Psychophysiological assessments can frequently identify causes of chronic pain not diagnosable through other techniques. For example, in low back pain, they can detect abnormal patterns with which low back muscles interact with eachother as well as abnormal amounts of muscle tension - the combination of which frequently causes low back pain. Biofeedback treatments aimed at rectifying specific problems such as abnormal patterns of muscle tension in jaw muscles causing tension headaches, lack of blood-flow in the stump causing burning phantom limb pain, etc. can be very successful. Biofeedback to help people control their anxiety and, thus, reduce the overall amount of pain felt, can also be very helpful.

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