Brief summary of evidence supporting the efficacy of biofeedback for asthma

Lehrer et al (2004) recently performed a controlled study in which 94 asthmatics were trained (or not if they were in the control group) using heart rate variability biofeedback with excellent results. Other studies have found signs of reduced inflammation of the lungs and reduced respiratory impedance coincident with reduced symptoms (Kern-Buell, Lehrer et al., 1997; Lehrer, McGrady, Conran, & Nelson, 2000, Lehrer, Smetankin, & Potapova, 2000)

* Much of the information provided here is from Carolyn Yucha and Christopher Gilbert's 2004 book "Evidence Based Practice in Biofeedback & Neurofeedback" AAPB, Wheat Ridge, CO.

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