Used Equipment for Sale

Modified Othmer Infralow Neurofeedback system
December 1, 2020

Includes Neuroamp II, Cygnet software on Labtop, 2-channels (!) with electrodes, 2 decorative boxes and a stand, Handbook, all necessary supplies and basic training. This amazing system is unused and brand new. Modified to make it easier. Start on Day 1 without extensive training! $7600 or best offer.

Jan Kielman


BrainMaster Discovery 24E with Impedance Lid, BrainAvatar Software, Laptop and ElectroCaps
November 30, 2020

This complete, ready-to-use Discovery 24E system includes a powerful Lenovo Legion Y720 laptop with BrainMaster’s BrainAvatar 4 software pre-installed. This hardware/software combination is all you need to perform comprehensive EEG assessments and deliver sophisticated neurofeedback training, in your office or at mobile locations. This lightly used system is in perfect working condition. I am selling it because my practice is moving in a direction that will not require this level of neurofeedback. All equipment is guaranteed to work out of the box. System will be shipped within United States via USPS Priority Mail. The Discovery 24E unit includes an Impedance Lid and is in like-new condition, with no physical blemishes. It comes with the latest version of BrainAvatar (v4.6), with 10-channel acquisition and training, Live sLORETA Projector, qEEG Pro 19-channel Z-Score training, and BrainMaster Multimedia Player Package. Additional software capabilities can be purchased from BrainMaster. Built for high-end gaming, the Lenovo Legion Y720 is ideal for the Discover 24E and BrainAvatar software. It packs an Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD, 1 TB hard drive, and a powerful 6GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics adapter. The Legion Y720 provides a Thunderbolt 3 port, three USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11c WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1, DisplayPort connector, HDMI out, and a combo audio jack. This complete setup also includes an ElectroCap 4-Cap Package with sizes to fit most adult clients, as well as plenty of supplies to get you started: four tubes of Nuprep skin prep gel, three 16-oz jars of Electro-Gel, eight syringes with blunt tips for inserting Electro-Gel, 100 sponge disks for forehead electrodes, four 4-oz jars of Ten20 conductive past, and multiple connectors, all never used. All these components and supplies are valued at over $16,000 separately. I am asking $9,950 for the whole package. Email me for a link to more details and photos.

Jeff Yocom


Swingle Braindryvr Cascade
November 23, 2020

Made by Paul Swingle, PhD for speeding up the progress of neurofeedback. Retails for $495. Very lightly used. There is additional software available to combine it with Thought Technology (not included). This is a stand-alone unit designed to be used with any EEG feedback system. The unit is a sound operated gate that permits the control of electrically operated devices contingent on any EEG event that the feedback system allows. It is a dual channel unit with each channel independently adjustable. Because the units are cascadable (multiple units can be controlled by the same EEG event) the therapist can design highly sophisticated multiple contingency feedback protocols. For example, one can have a light onset as soon as the brainwave band amplitude exceeds threshold and an electric train start running if the amplitude exceeds threshold for a longer period of time. For suppression protocols, one could program light stimulation onset contingent on brief threshold crossings but onset of the OMNI™ harmonic if the amplitude remains above threshold for a longer period of time. Sell for $250

Dan Staso


4 CH Atlantis I amplifier (4.0) Avatar-clinical
November 19, 2020

Like new-barely used 4 CH Atlantis I amplifier (4.0) Avatar-clinical 4 CH qEEG-Pro Z-score training software MMP Atlantis (Multi-Media Player) 7-Hole Input cable for Atlantis I Jumper 8 New gold plated electrodes and 6 used gold plated electrodes 2 gold plated ear clips-used. Asking price is $3,000.

Jacqueline Davis


Brainmaster Discovery 20
November 18, 2020

I am selling my Brainmaster Discovery 20 with impedance sensor lid and all the software you need to start training. Live loreta projector, surface and loreta Z score DLL (qeeg pro), multimedia player and Z plus. This package has a retail value of $13500, but I am selling at a 33% discount for $9000. The amplifier is lightly used and fully functional.

Scott Duncan


STENS Nexus 10 Neurofeedback/Biofeedback Package
October 13, 2020

Neuro/biofeedback package from STENS (valued at $9736) includes: Nexus 10 model II, 2 EXG cables, 1 ground cable, respiration and VBP/HR sensors and belts (2 sizes) access to 4-channel z-score, electrodes, four STENS ear clips (2 sizes), 4-channel linked ear cable, Zukor Air and Zukor Media Player and three BrainNet measuring caps (S, M and L sizes). I am including electro paste containers, extra sensors, and electrodes. Selling with a hard case. ASKING PRICE for package $6500USD.

Caley McNamara

NeXus 10 Biofeedback/Neurofeedback whole package, new in box never opened
October 12, 2020

I am selling the whole package. NeXus 10 with every lead and sensor needed for all forms of biofeedback except incontinence treatment. If you would like to look at it online go to stens corporation and find the Nexus 10 and then go to products and go down the list of sensors and I have every one of them. 15 items in total. It also includes all electrodes, snaps, ear clips, gel and paste, as well as all software needed and Lab manual included. You will also get two matching HP 22" widescreen monitors with dual LCD stand, also in box new and never opened. Original price $8068.00 I am asking $7000.00, that is a $1000.00 savings. I will work with you a price and I will pay to ship. Please email me with any questions you may have. 

Leslie Johnson


Neurobit Optima 2 BT + BioExplorer
July 23, 2020

Unused 2 channel bio and neurofeedback device from Neurobit systems (still under warranty for one and a half more years), together with a BioExplorer software license green dongle to work with it. Looking to upgrade my equipment and therefore trying to get back a part of the original investment. Everything is in perfect conditions. $1000 for the whole pack (plus shipment if necessary).

Beatriz Blanco

4 x Channel Atlantis, MiniQ, v.3 with Z-Score activated and laptop for sale
July 8, 2020

I have a 4 x channel Atlantis, a miniQ and 2 x Atlantis input cables only. I also have a laptop to go with it with four channel Z-score activated within the v.3 software. You can collect here in London/Uk or happy to ship it anywhere. Asking for $3750 plus shipping if applicable. All in good working order.

Ebrahim Jahaniyan

NeXus-10 MKII Biofeedback Machine
June 24, 2020

NeXus-10 MKII biofeedback machine for sale - excellent (like new) condition. The NeXus-10 is a versatile and integrated system for biofeedback, neurofeedback or psychophysiological research. It is suitable for measuring a wide range of physiological signals simultaneously. NeXus-10 offers up to 4 channels of brain activity (EEG) or muscle tension (sEMG) as well as up to 4 additional channels for peripheral signals like heart rate, relative blood flow, skin conductance, respiration, temperature, and more. It also has an extra input for triggers and one input for digital sensors. sEMG x2, heart rate, respiration, skin conductance and temperature sensors and Biotrace software included in purchase. For additional information . Seeking $5000 OBO.

Randy Gastwirt

Nexus 10
June 24, 2020

Neuro/biofeedback package from STENS (valued at $9736) includes: Nexus 10 model II, 2 EXG cables, 1 ground cable, respiration and VBP/HR sensors and belts (2 sizes) access to 4-channel z-score, electrodes, four STENS ear clips (2 sizes), 4-channel linked ear cable, Zukor Air and Zukor Media Player and two BrainNet measuring caps (M and L sizes), EEG cap surgical style ($840 cost), Zukor Media Player to play movies and stream from Netflix, Hulu Youtube, etc. ($495 cost). I am including 3 electro paste containers and electrodes. Selling with a hard case. ASKING PRICE for package $6500. Shipping only within the US, shipping isn't included.

Grettel Martinez

Procomp Infinity 8 with a lot of software and sensors
March 15, 2020

Procomp Infinity 8 Channel Amp Biograph 6.1 w/upgrade on TT site 2 extra sensor leads round ends SA7675 DC-EEG 2 Channel Connectivity Kit for the Swingle Clinical Q Braindriver SA9309M SC FlexPro with leads and 3+ finger snaps SA93052 EEGn-Z with leads SA93052 EEGn-Z with leads SA9401M Myoscan Pro with leads (plus 5 short extension snap-on leads with caps) SA9401M Myoscan Pro with leads SA9310M Temperature SA9311M Resp-Flex Pro SA9311M Resp-Flex Pro SA9306M EKG Flex Pro with lead and 3 snap-on sensor SA9308M BVP Flex Pro with lead (I had two but seem to have lost the other one). I will ship the missing one if it turns up. I have never trusted the BVP sensors and prefer to use EKG for HRV work. SA7580 HRV Suite software SA7970 Physiology Suite software Mindfulness Suite CardioPro Infinity Module software Clinical Q BrainDriver (P) software Sell for $4250

Gordon MacLean

Procomp Infiniti System
March 2, 2020

I am selling a complete Thought Technology Procomp Infiniti System with many extra sensors, cables, and accessories. The encoder is a Procomp Infiniti 8-channel unit. The software included is the basic Procomp Infiniti app with EEG and Physiology Suites add-ons. Sensors include: 12 EEG FlexPro Model SA9305M SN G6312 SN G7991 SN G6313 SN G9962 SN G8933 SN G6555 SN G8182 SN G8350 SN G8181 SN G6556 Model SA9306M SN R1745 SN R1747 1 Resp FlexPro Model SA 9311M SN H3377 2 Myoscan Pro Model SA9401M-60 SN N4440 Model 9401/60 SN N2392 2 Temperature sensors Model SA9310M 3 BVP FlexPro Model SA9308M SN L4305 SN L5205 Model SA9308 SN L3056 2 SC FlexPro Model SA9309 SN M3374 Model SA9309M SN M4589

Joel Nisson

Mitsar 201
February 26, 2020

Like new Mitsar 201 with USB cable, WinEEG software and three Waveguard caps (sizes S, M, L) for $8500.

Grettel Martinez

Thought Technology Procomp 2
February 21, 2020

Procomp 2 channel EEG & Biofeedback system including encoder device and USB receiver, software, sensors and carry case. Purchased this unit new in December 2018 but now surplus to requirements. Sensors included: Respiration Sensor, Skin Conductance Sensor, Blood Volume Pulse Sensor, 2 EEG-Z Impedance check Sensors, 2 EEG Mono/Bipolar electrode sets. Asking price US$2,000.00. Unit is in Auckland, New Zealand but will ship worldwide.

Erik van den Top

Deymed and Versus
February 6, 2020

I am selling 2 basically new Versus headsets for 900+shipping. I also have a 19ch Deymed with 3 caps and all the need accessories for sale for 8500 plus shipping. reach out for photos or questions.

Micah Shanser

SA7525 ProComp 5 Infiniti with BioGraph Infiniti V6 and up software including Developer Tools
January 2, 2020

SA7525 ProComp 5 Infiniti with BioGraph Infiniti V6 and up software including Developer Tools, $2,100.00 TT-USCB $225.001 SA9401M-60 MyoScan-Pro V2 w/EMG Sensor $200.00 19401-60Hz MyoScan-Pro $200.00 SA9309M Skin Conductance Sensor $200.00 SA9310M Temperature Sensor $125.00 SA9308M HR/BVP sensor $175.00 SA9311M Respiration Sensor $175.00 TOTAL COST 3,200.00 (This is 40% off retail price for these items)

Ami Strutin

Neurofield Q21 NeuroGuide Software Package
November 18, 2019

Purchased in May 2019: 1. Neurofield Q21 2. Neurofield QCheck (impedances) 3. NeuroGuide Software: - NeuroGuide Deluxe - NeuroGuide Collection Module - NeuroGuide 19 Channel ZScore Loreta - NeuroGuide 19 channel ZScore Surface NeuroGuide will promptly transfer the licence into buyers name once sold. I purchased all of this for $16,000 USD in May. Equipment is like new. Selling price is $12,500 USD. I would be interested in a partial trade for a Brainmaster Discovery.

Tracy Nichol

NeXus-4 Biofeedback Unit
November 4, 2019

Never used portable, bluetooth enabled NeXus-4. Comes with everything needed: BVP, EXG, RESP Sensors and Electrodes with Linked Ear, ear clips and bluetrodes. BioTrace software, Z-Score for BioTrace, Single game carnival sport. Asking $3000, obo.

Leyla Dim


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