Used Equipment for Sale

Brainmaster Discovery 24
September 8, 2021

It's a Brainmaster! Bought in 2019, Covid hit, right out of the box new! Make me an offer I can't refuse!

Scott Carlson


New & Used NeurOptimal 3.0 Professional System and Brain-Trainer for BioEra
August 17, 2021

Brand new system unopened box Purchase Date: 01/06/2020 NeurOptimal® Professional Tablet Bundle Microsoft Surface Pro 6 i5 8GB 128GB S/N:035800593053 Also comes with brand new in box Asus 28" monitor Asking price $8,000USD or best offer Lightly Used system with approximately 250 sessions Purchased date: 03/19/2019 NeurOptimal® Professional Tablet Bundle Microsoft Surface Pro 6 i7 8GB 256GB S/N:032007284853 Asking price $8,000USD or best offer The used system also has a linear neurofeedback software Brain Trainer for BioEra installed on it and comes with in addition to the standard NeurOptimal hardware, a TC 26 neoprene cap, Ganglion wireless 4 channel amp, 12 silver electrodes, 3 tubs of Ten20 paste, Panasonic stereo quality headphone earbuds. Asking price for both systems $15,000USD or best offer. Pat @ 780-937-9205

Pat Johnson


j&j engineering C2-Plus 12 Channel
July 21, 2021

Due to retirement I gave up my office here in Switzerland and therefore I have quite many devices to sell. This rarely used j&j amplifier goes with - 1 Wrist to Wrist ECG/HRV electrodes (MC-5D) - 1 Temperature + Skin Resistance Sensor Cable - 2 Electrode Cables for EMG, EEG and ECG (MC-5SGW) - 2 Respiration Sensors (MC-3MY) - 100 disposable pregelled electrodes Price: $ 1000 - 1300

Bruno Gasser


Brainmaster20 with Computer
July 5, 2021

The amp is a Brainmaster 20 and works like new. $7500 The computer is a gaming laptop that runs the software with no problem. The specs are as follows: Asus GL503V Notebook, Intel (R) Core ™ i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80 GHz, 16 GB Ram, 64 Bit operating system x64-based processor. GTX Geforce graphics card. The software includes the latest updates from Brainmaster as well as MINI-Q, ANI 19-Channel Z Score Training, EEG Audio, Cybernetic Interface System (CIS), MMP, appliedneuro analysis, qEEGPro 4 channel ZScores, and qEEGPro 19 channel ZScores, It comes with all the supplies to get you started right away. It includes five electrodes, two ear clips. Two 19 channel caps with ear electrode drops, 4 quick inserts, Electro Gel, NuPrep, blunted syringes with replacement needles, disposable disk sponges, and Ten20 paste. ‎

Matthew Greene


NeurOptimal 3.0 Professional System
June 26, 2021

Brand new in box NeurOptimal 3.0 Professional System installed on Microsoft Surface Pro7 i5, includes Z amp, 32" monitor, all connection cables etc. Box has never been opened. Also have the same unit that is lightly used with approximately 250 session completed with it. Still has unlimited sessions. Prefer to sell the 2 systems together. ‎

Pat Johnson


BrainAvatar/Discovery 24 ‎ ‎
June 21 2021

The amplifier is the Discover 24 with impedance lid. The software is BrainAvatar 4.0 series. It includes acquisition, LORETA projector, 19 channel z-score training, connectivity suite, media player, and Zucor Grind. The software can be directly downloaded onto your machine from BrainMaster. I will ship the amp and let BrainMaster know about the transfer. They will then generate a new passkey for you that combines the amp serial number with the hardware address from the machine you would be running it on. I bought the complete system as their Emerald package, which they now sell for $16K (the Zukor was an extra $500). However, the caps will not be included in this transaction. I am asking $9K + shipping. I recommend that you contact BrainMaster concerning their affiliate membership for any tech support or training needs. ‎

Rogene Eichler West


Nexus 10 MK-II + Computer with Software &
May 24, 2021

Neuro/biofeedback supplies from STENS, excellent (like new) condition: - Nexus model 10 MK-II for multi-channel monitoring - VBP/Heart Rate monitor - Respiration monitor with Velcro belts - Skin conductance sensor - EMG sensor - EEG sensor (single channel) - 1 ground cable - Mind Media software CD with lab manual - BioTrace software - Two unopened bags of stick-on electrode sensors - Three jars of electrode paste. Computer: AMD FX-6300 processor, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 1024MB ATI AMD Radeon HD Graphics card, 500GB SSD (Samsung solid state hard drive), Asus DVD Read/Write, Realtek High Definition Audio Software: BioTrace + NX10; emWave2; Kubios HRV Standard; and Zukor Media Player, Carnival, Drive, Grind, Sport1; HRV breathing pacer files Other software: Audacity (music/sound mixing), Adobe Acrobat XI (PDF management and scanning), File Shredder (for security), Malware Bytes (anti-virus), SyncToy (synchronize files), VLC Media Player, WinZIP, WinRAR Included: - Introduction to Quantitative EEG And Neurofeedback, 2nd Edition, T. Budzynski et al., 2009, ISBN: 978-0-12-374534-7 (brand new, $92 on Amazon) - Biofeedback Certification Program, Powerpoint slides 2017 by Phillip A. Hughes, PhD Total $4500; plus cost of shipping and insurance ‎

Lawrence Feinsten


ProComp5 Infiniti System w/BioGraph Infiniti Software &
May 20, 2021 Equipment is in great condition, retail price is just over $3K, selling for $2K. Please contact me if interested and for more details. ‎

Christina Huber


Free Practice with Equipment Purchase ‎ ‎
April 6, 2021

Lease-to-own $39,000.00 of equipment: Just pay me $1,900.00/month for 12 months. This will allow me to finish my lease ($1,100.00/mo) and give me something for the equipment: LENS, BodyLens, 2 BrainCore Q-based systems+all furniture and wall art, patient files and emails. 2 EEG caps, all wires, paste, gel, etc. Beautiful office with large picture window in a professional center at a major intersection. ‎

Keith Kretschmar


Stens Corp. ProComp+ Neuro/Biofeed back
March 31, 2021

Neuro/biofeedback ProComp+ from STENS, new condition. Purchased around 1998. Was never used. We have carrying case. If interested please text me @ 4054091048 and I will send you a picture of the Unit and the parts included. $500

Sondra Johnson


J & J Pre computer
March 29, 2021

Biofeedback before computers! J & J non-computer based biofeedback equipment in custom oak cabinets. The first unit includes the dual channel T-68 Temperature feedback unit and the EMG Model M-57 dual channel muscle tension feedback unit. The second unit, also in a custom oak cabinet, includes a Model T-68, an M-57, a D-200 Digital Integrator dual display and an L-200 Dual analog light display. The IG-3 preamplifier for the T-68 and the IP-5 isolation preamplifier for the M-57 are included in the first unit. The second unit only includes the IP-5 Preamplifier. Interconnect cables (2) for each unit included. EC-36 (4) and EC-18 (2) electrode leads included with each unit. Scanning post style electrode leads (4) included with each unit. Any combination of accessories is possible. Both units are easy to carry with the instruments well protected. I also have many of the AD-25 and AD-45 stickers plus many SE-25 and SE-40 silver/silver/chloride electrodes. I also have and additional M-52 EMG unit, another T-68 and another D-200 Digital integrator. All units worked when I hooked them up last year. All offers considered. ‎

Michael Conley


Cygnet NeuroAmp II and 2 bioexplorer dongles
March 27, 2021

It's a Cygnet IL NeuroAmp II with pir3x infrared sensor, eight games, three tactile animals, three used electrodes, nine new silver/silver electrodes, EEG extension cable, EEG NeuroAmp Resource CD and handbook. Pricing about: 5'550 Two bioexplorer dongles Pricing about: 500 Contact: Bruno Gasser Switzerland

Bruno Gasser


Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Devices for Sale
March 27, 2021

I have these devices available for sale: 2 "HD Version" Neuroamp/Cygnet Infra-low frequency neurofeedback devices with Neury Bear. Game options: (Tropical Heat, Arcade, Dual Drive Extreme, Inner-tube and expansion pack). In addition to the infra low function it has a built in EEG neurofeedback, Synchrony and Alpha/Theta software. Procomp 2 Biofeedback and Neurofeedback device by Though Technology. Comes with BioGraph Infiniti 6.7.1 and Infinity 360 for P2. Sensor options: EEG-Z, BVP/HRV, Respiration, Skin Sweat sensors. Mitsar 201 BT EEG/QEEG device in like new condition that was used 2 times. Advanced WinEEG dongle available. This allows imports from multiple formats (EDF and .dat) from other EEG devices. This allows a more accurate manual analysis of the raw EEG. Caps are also available. Better Physiology Capnography Biofeedback trainer “Capno Trainer” in like new condition. Comes with new over 150 new nasal cannulas and filter/calibration kit. Brainmaster 2X2 Atlantis and 2EB+ units with Zukor game options: Carnival, Drive, Media Player and Air. Pocket Neurobics Pendant and "U-Wiz" neurofeedback devices with Bioexplorer software dongles. I may have other systems available that come back from my BCIA mentoring clients. Email me with any questions on pricing to ‎

Alex Sanchez


NeXus-10 - MKII with all sensors
March 23, 2021

Neuro/biofeedback supplies from STENS, excellent (like new) condition: - Nexus model 10 MK-II for multi-channel monitoring - VBP/Heart Rate monitor - Respiration monitor with velcro belts - Skin conductance sensor - EMG sensor - EEG sensor (single channel) - 1 ground cable - Mind Media software CD with lab manual - Biotrace software - Two unopened bags of stick-on electrode sensors - Three jars of electrode paste Asking $3100; the $100 is for shipping and insurance. ‎

Larry Feinstein


Thought Technology Procomp 2 for Sale
March 5, 2020

Equipment is in great condition, purchased for just over $2K; selling for $1K. Please contact me if interested.

Stephen Friedberg


ProComp+, ProComp2, electrodes, NFB games, impedance meter
March 4, 2020

Available amplifiers: 1. ProComp+ (2 available) that comes with EEG Flex/Pro™ Sensor (4 available) 2. ProComp2 - 2 channel biofeedback and Neurofeedback system with BioGraph Infiniti software *Both amplifiers are manufactured by Thought Technology *They will come with the necessary accessories, such as the fiber-optic cable. We have 2 - 1089 MKIII Checktrode Impedance Meter which will work for both Neurofeedback systems (ProComp+ and ProComp2) Registered games for EEGer (Dongle included) for ProComp+ Chomper (1), 4 mation(2), Space Race(2), zukor's grind(1), mazes(2), box lights(2), jump box(2), island/highway(2) Available electrodes (silver plated, mix of flat and cupped): Ear clip sets - new(1), used(4) Flat/cupped - new(2), used (9) *We have a lot of electrodes to offer with the bundle or if you do not want them as a bundle the electrodes will be separated to go with each system. All of the equipment listed above, as a bundle is $5100, or best offer. The equipment can also be sold separately. Please contact us by email to discuss pricing for individual items. ‎

Kristine Boward


Thought Tech. ProComp Infiniti full package ‎ ‎
February 12, 2021

Complete ProComp Infinity unit with laptop and multiple accessories. ProComp Infiniti - 8 Channel + software; EEG-Z, Respiration, EKG, BVP, 2 Muscle Tension, temperature, & SC sensors; Peak Performance Suite, Physiology Suite, & Cardio-Pro HRV analysis module; lots of extra electrodes for all sensors (about $350 worth); a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (5th Gen) laptop with everything loaded and ready to use (paid $1500). All items are Thought Technology and in the original case. Purchased for ~$7500 total and used about 20 times total. Can supply original receipts. In perfect condition. Located in Boston, MA but can mail. Asking $5500 for all or best offer. ‎

Marla Zucker


DSI-24 dry cap & Nexus 32 w/accessories
February 11, 2021

1. DSI 24 dry cap - $14K - 2. Nexus 32 with all accessories for temperature, HRV, EMG, EEG training, Q recording (medium and small cap), BVP, skin conductance, respiration - $18k -

Vanessa Jung


ProComp+ and ProComp Infinity
February 9, 2021

Complete ProComp+ and ProComp Infinity units with multiple accessories. The eight channel ProComp+ includes the 10-foot fiber-optic cable, the PRO/ SB serial interface unit, one vaginal sensor, one SC Flex/Pro, one MyoScan Pro, one Resp Flex/Pro and one EKG Flex/Pro and 3 sensor extender cable – 3 lead (all protected pin). The eight channel ProComp Infinity includes one 10-foot optic cable, the TT-USB unit (with power cable), one Temp sensor, the SC-Flex/Pro sensor, the BVP-Flex/Pro sensor, two Myoscan Pro units (with 3 electrode cables), one Resp-Flex/Pro, two vaginal sensors, two EEG Flex/Pro units, two EEG-Z units, one EKG Flex/Pro, three cup and ear electrode sets and 4 ear clips and two scalp sensors and one gold cup sensor. All sensors are protected pin for both units and both are in the original case all items are Thought Technology. Asking $3000.00 for the ProComp+ and $4000 for the ProComp Infinity. ‎

Michael Conley


Nexus 32-EEG & QEEG System
December 22, 2020

Rarely used Nexus 32 with US interface case, cables, software and Manual, 24 x Unipolar, EEG/4xEXG/3xAUX/1 x Oxi Warranty expires 7/26/2024 NB- Medium EEG CAP for EEG & QEEG - Nexus EEG CAP Adapter 2 of 2 Channel EMG/EEG/EKG/EOG sensor cable for the Nexus Ground reference cable Bluetooth Dongle Stens Earclip set Nexus 10 & 32 QEEG lab Manual All $14K OBO

Arlette Zargarian


Modified Othmer Infralow Neurofeedback system
December 1, 2020

Includes Neuroamp amplifier, Cygnet software on new, dedicated Laptop, 2-channels (!) with electrodes (instead of 1 for standard systems), 2 decorative boxes and a metal stand, Handbook, all necessary supplies and basic training. This amazing system is unused and brand new. 2-channel operation saves you endless training and costs... Start on Day 1 without extensive training! $7500 or best offer. (That’s half the price of a 1-channel system with training...)

Jan Kielman

Swingle Braindryvr Cascade
November 23, 2020

Made by Paul Swingle, PhD for speeding up the progress of neurofeedback. Retails for $495. Very lightly used. There is additional software available to combine it with Thought Technology (not included). This is a stand-alone unit designed to be used with any EEG feedback system. The unit is a sound operated gate that permits the control of electrically operated devices contingent on any EEG event that the feedback system allows. It is a dual channel unit with each channel independently adjustable. Because the units are cascadable (multiple units can be controlled by the same EEG event) the therapist can design highly sophisticated multiple contingency feedback protocols. For example, one can have a light onset as soon as the brainwave band amplitude exceeds threshold and an electric train start running if the amplitude exceeds threshold for a longer period of time. For suppression protocols, one could program light stimulation onset contingent on brief threshold crossings but onset of the OMNI™ harmonic if the amplitude remains above threshold for a longer period of time. Sell for $250

Dan Staso

Brainmaster Discovery 20
November 18, 2020

I am selling my Brainmaster Discovery 20 with impedance sensor lid and all the software you need to start training. Live loreta projector, surface and loreta Z score DLL (qeeg pro), multimedia player and Z plus. This package has a retail value of $13500, but I am selling at a 33% discount for $9000. The amplifier is lightly used and fully functional.

Scott Duncan

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