Used Equipment for Sale

Brand New (unopened) BrainMaster MicroTesla 4-Coil PEMF
September 6, 2019

I purchased the BrainMaster 4-Coil (2x2) MicroTesla PEMF unit in late 2018 and haven't had a chance to use it. It is unopened (still sealed in package). See the original product on the BrainMaster Website here: You can also see pictures of it using the link below: John Demos has an excellent article on the use of PEMF that can be seen in NeuroConnections (pg 11): To purchase new it costs $2495 new for non-BrainMaster Members and $1995 for members. I also have the TruVu Photic Stim Glasses (still in unopened package) which I will throw in as well. I'm selling for $1800 plus shipping. Contact me directly if interested: Dr. Chris Friesen, Ph.D., C.Psych., BCN-NF

Christopher Friesen

Thought Technology
September 3, 2019

1 Procomp Infiniti 8 channel EEG & Biofeedback, 1 TT Pir Headgear System, 1 Respiration Sensor, 1 Temperature Sensor, 1 Skin Conductance Sensor, 1 Blood Volume Pulse Sensor, 2 EMG MyoScan Sensors, 1 EKG Extender Cable 27", 1 Sensor Extender Cable, 4 EEG-Z Sensors, 1 EEG 2 Ch Connectivity Kit & several electrodes. Willing to sell pieces separately or as a complete Biofeedback & Neurofeedback system. Asking price $5,000.00.

Teresa Sgrignuoli

DSI-24 Wearable Sensing 19 Ch Dry Cap
August 29, 2019

Used in great condition. DSI-24 Dry Cap. 19 channel. Cost $14,000

Vanessa Jung

Nexus 32
July 29, 2019

Used Nexus 32 system. Half list price. Caps (SM, M, L) half price. Sensors negotiable. See

Alan McAllister

Mitsar 201 with Bluetooth 2017 model
July 8, 2019

This unit has 21 Channels of EEG with 4 Poly Channels (ECG,EOG, EMG, Respiration). It can be used with electro-caps (19 Channel) or any other compatible caps. This unit can be used with WinEEG for QEEG and ERP recordings. It can also be used with PSYTask. Full price for this unit is $7450 USD. Sale Price $6450USD. This unit has only been used a few times and is in excellent condition. We will cover shipping cost in Canada or US. Contact Andrea Reid-Chung (

Andrea Reid-Chung

Brainmaster equipment with Laptopware
June 29, 2019

Career change and needing to sell the items below. Slightly used for a year and it is all in great shape. Originally purchased for over $13,000. Looking to sell all this for $9,000 but willing to entertain realistic offers. Dell Inspiron 7559 Laptop, Checktrode 1089N, Brainmaster Discovery 20, Brain Avatar 19 channel training, qEEGPRO Surface/sLoretta, Zscore, Brain Avatar 4.0, Natus Genuine Grass Ear Clips 1 set, Natus Genuine Grass Gold Electrodes 10, Caps- small, med/s, larg/med, large -1 of each size, Cap Ear Drops 2, Disposable Sponge discs 1 box, Electro Gel 2 unopened containers, Needle Syringe Kit 2, Ten20 Onductive Paste 3, NuPrep 1.

Cody Baker

BrainMaster Discovery 24E Module w/ Software
June 25, 2019

Selling a BrainMaster Discovery 24E unit and 2-channel “jumper” USB cable with software included from the emerald package, including Brainmaster 4.0 and Brain Avatar. Also included in the package is a pair STIM glasses and a Brainmaster Echo. Bought in October 2017, was in gentle use for a year, and is currently in great condition. USB cable and 2-channel jumper cable completely intact with no kinks, fraying or damage. Asking price is $9000. Willing to negotiate.

Suruchi Chandra


Mindmedia NeXus items for sale all in great condition
June 11, 2019

NeXus 32 A powerful multimodal device, capable of measuring up to 32 physiological signals simultaneously. It offers a total solution for qEEG, neurofeedback and biofeedback. The Nexus 32 comes with the following: • Nexus 32 unit • A 21 channel EEG cap with Nexus adaptor • Biotrace + Software (note this is free to download, including updates from Mindmedia • Medical power supply • Fibre optic USB interface & Fusbi interface • Leather carry case and hard carry case • Optional Skin conductance/GSR sensor NeXus 32 price just £6750 NeXus Trigger Interface (2 available) Do you record EPs or ERPs, use E-prime or presentations? If so read on! These triggers are a super accurate way of synchronising environmental events (sound, light, digital). We used it to synchronise desk based Tobii eye trackers with the Nexus by taping the small light sensor to the screen so we knew exactly when stimulus was presented. The whole package consists of the following parts • NTI - The NeXus Trigger Interface unit • Output trigger cable for NeXus 16 and NeXus 32 devices • light/video sensor, microphone, audio line cable, Audio jack plug splitter • Serial cable (RS-232) & case for trigger interface and accessories NeXus trigger current new price is £890 . Sale price £399 each NeXus 10 Mk1 & sensors Sensors are interchangeable between the NeXus 4, 10 (Mk1 & Mk2) and 32 units. The following are included: • NeXus 10 system with carry case • Biotrace + Software (note this is free to download, including updates from Mindmedia • Skin conductance sensor • Temperature sensor • BVP heart rate sensor Nexus 10 with sensors price just £3050 We also have 2 additional NeXus GSR electrodes priced at £120 each

Duncan Smith


Neurofield Q20 EEG
June 3, 2019

Brand new, never used complete Q20 EEG with Neuroguide Deluxe, Neuroguide Collections Module, QCheck & Signal Generator. Comes with 2 electrocaps, E1-LEX with drop references & ear electrodes, Medium & Large with chin straps, and a full box of sponge disks, 32 oz electro gel with a box of needle syringe kits. Everything to get started for $8000 obo. Would be $11,000 retail. Please contact Leyla at or thru my website,

Leyla Dim


NeuroAmp II Cygnet Software
May 30, 2019

I have a NeuroAmpII with latest updates for sale. The NeuroAmp II has in addition to EEG Ports, 3 additional peripheral ports. The retail price is $5,000.00 I am asking $3,900.00. I have 7 games also for sale plus tactile feedback and other accessories. Retail price for games and accessories is $3,800.00, I am asking $3,000.00.

JoAnne Scott


Nexus 4/10 Mark II wanted
May 19, 2019

Please state 1) how old the product 2) the sensors and cable included (respiration sensor, temperature sensors and bvp must be included) 3) Biotrace not necessary 4) Price asked Please email to Larry

Larry Lee


Procomp2 thought technology + other neurofeedback encoders From Thought Technology May 16, 2019

I have for sale one Procomp2 encoder with Biograph Infiniti V6, two sensors and physiology suite. I have also HRV suite but not sure if serial key provided. System is used only few times and was purchased in 2016. System in excellent condition with original case. I ask 1950 USD for this system including free international shipping. I have also myotrac infiniti clinical device, emg, eeg, bvp, respiration and sc sensors all from thought technology.

Ameer Almubarek


LENS3 System + two channel upgrade May 3, 2019

LENS3 system. I purchased the system in February of 2018. Purchase price: $9,900 US LENS Professional System: LENSware3 Professional Software Report Generator Software 2 Channel software update (Value + $495 US) Set of Electrodes Carrying Case 36 month warranty from date of purchase (Feb 2, 2018), which I assume means anyone who purchases it will still have about 24 months, but I would encourage anyone interested to confirm this with LENS. Reasonable offers will be considered. Please contact me for further discussion.

Heather Hargraves


Brainmaster Atlantis I (4 channel) with BrainAvatar May 3, 2019

I recently upgraded to a Discovery and am now selling my gently-used Brainmaster Atlantis I (4 channel) for $2,000 or best offer. It comes with BrainAvatar 4.0 software, the MMP video player, a 4-channel Cable, and a Brainmaster Carrying Case. The unit is 2 years old and is well taken-care of, no drops or issues whatsoever. Additionally selling a Mini-Q II, also in excellent condition, for $1000 or best offer. Please note, I am selling this equipment to qualified clinicians only.

Stephen Wollentin


HPN Neurologic unit
January 9, 2019

HPN Neurologic Isolated Computer Interface for sale, only used 5 or 6 times. Perfect working condition including leads. Mfd J&J Engineering I-330 C2+ 2ch. $7,000 OBO.

Joshua Long


NeXus 4
December 29, 2018

18 month old NeXus 4 system with EXG-2 cable, Reference cable amplifier and laptop with pre-installed MindMedia BioTrace (2018) software and 2 channel Zscore database, used extensively (at least 800 hours of training). Purchased for $5600. Selling for $5000.

Mike Tabib


Discovery 24E
December 6, 2018

Discovery 24E The BrainMaster Discovery 24E introduces the next generation of EEG biofeedback in a high-quality, low-cost system answering the advanced needs of the clinical and research communities. It incorporates 24 channels of EEG Biofeedback using technology based upon the continued evolution of the BrainMaster series of biofeedback monitors and trainers. Electro-Cap CS Series: Medium and Electro-Cap CS Series: Large. Jumper Adapter. 3 DIN Style connector. Used for linked ear reference or for a common reference, which allows one or two electrodes to be connected to one or two inputs. Gold Cup EEG Earclips with Lead 2 pack - 48 inch. New Gold Cup Electrodes - DIN Style, 9mm gold cup electrodes, Set of 5. New IMA Gold EEG Cup Electrode 2 New Price US$ 4,400.00. Included is a 1 year warranty, as well as 1 year of unlimited support from BrainMaster.

Blas Camilo


Nexus-10 Mark II
October 8, 2018

Complete Nexus system with a full set of sensor cables, Biotrace+ software, bluetooth capability, 4-channel Z-score, leather case. Only used twice as we are using a different system. Sensors: 2 EXG dual channel cables (for EMG, EEG, EKG, EOG), Reference cable, 2 linked-ear cables, BVP, Temperature, Respiration, GSR, Oximeter, 4-channel Z-score Price: $7,250 Email: audrey@drhill-lindsay.

Audrey Hill-Lindsay


NeXus-10 Mark II
September 6, 2018

Excellent condition! Bought from the original owner 5 months ago. In its original case with all the cables and sensors to conduct biofeedback and neurofeedback. MindMedia software included. Price: $5000 For more information please email me at or call (817) 332-1425.

Diana Valdez



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