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NeuroAmp II Cygnet Software
February 1, 2019

I have a NeuroAmpII with latest updates for sale. The NeuroAmp II has in addition to EEG Ports, 3 additional peripheral ports. The retail price is $5,000.00 I am asking $3,900.00.

I have 7 games also for sale plus tactile feedback and other accessories. Retail price for games and accessories is $3,800.00, I am asking $3,000.00.

JoAnne Scott
Phone: 307-690-7140


Neurofeedback Nexus 32 EEG/ qEEg system
January 22, 2019

Pristine, and barely used. Includes; USB interface, case, cables, software, and manual. 24x Unipolar, EEG/4xEXG/3xAUX/1xOxi, 2 Channel EMG/EEG/EKG/EOG/ sensor cable for Nexus, Ground reference cable for Nexus10. Zukor's Air game, NeuroGuide Basic 2.9.8, 60-Ag/AgC snap electrodes for EEG, Ear clip set (2) and silver/silver chloride electrode pellets, NB-EEG cap (small and medium), and cap adapter, desktop computer attached to Neuroguide program, 50 syringes, 100 blunt tipped needles, 3 pack 10-20 paste, 2 bottles NuPrep. Includes 2 computer monitors.

$20,000 OBO.

Dr. John Dixon


HPN Neurologic unit
January 9, 2019

HPN Neurologic Isolated Computer Interface for sale, only used 5 or 6 times. Perfect working condition including leads. Mfd J&J Engineering I-330 C2+ 2ch. $7,000 OBO.

Joshua Long


NeXus 4
December 29, 2018

18 month old NeXus 4 system with EXG-2 cable, Reference cable amplifier and laptop with pre-installed MindMedia BioTrace (2018) software and 2 channel Zscore database, used extensively (at least 800 hours of training). Purchased for $5600. Selling for $5000.

Mike Tabib


Discovery 24E
December 6, 2018

Discovery 24E The BrainMaster Discovery 24E introduces the next generation of EEG biofeedback in a high-quality, low-cost system answering the advanced needs of the clinical and research communities. It incorporates 24 channels of EEG Biofeedback using technology based upon the continued evolution of the BrainMaster series of biofeedback monitors and trainers. Electro-Cap CS Series: Medium and Electro-Cap CS Series: Large. Jumper Adapter. 3 DIN Style connector. Used for linked ear reference or for a common reference, which allows one or two electrodes to be connected to one or two inputs. Gold Cup EEG Earclips with Lead 2 pack - 48 inch. New Gold Cup Electrodes - DIN Style, 9mm gold cup electrodes, Set of 5. New IMA Gold EEG Cup Electrode 2 New Price US$ 4,999.00.

Blas Camilo


Nexus-10 Mark II
October 8, 2018

Complete Nexus system with a full set of sensor cables, Biotrace+ software, bluetooth capability, 4-channel Z-score, leather case. Only used twice as we are using a different system. Sensors: 2 EXG dual channel cables (for EMG, EEG, EKG, EOG), Reference cable, 2 linked-ear cables, BVP, Temperature, Respiration, GSR, Oximeter, 4-channel Z-score Price: $7,250 Email: audrey@drhill-lindsay.

Audrey Hill-Lindsay


NeXus-10 Mark II
September 6, 2018

Excellent condition! Bought from the original owner 5 months ago. In its original case with all the cables and sensors to conduct biofeedback and neurofeedback. MindMedia software included. Price: $5000 For more information please email me at or call (817) 332-1425.

Diana Valdez


Physiotec 4000
July 18, 2018

Unit in computer (I have two) plus preamps and cables and HP compatible printers....make an offer...sad to just throw it out!!!!.

Jinny LaRock


BrandBrainmaster Atlantis II 2 channel with 3.7i software and TOVA 8 with 7 credits
June 15, 2018

Brainmaster Atlantis II 2 channel with 3.7i software. 11 months left of associate membership which includes free technical support and repairs. Equipment is less than two years old. $1200. Brainmaster MiniQ II $1000.00. Equipment is less than 2 years old.

TOVA 8 with 7 credits - $400.

Amanda Grippi


Brand new, complete 8 channel Procomp Infinity (Thought Technology) Bio and Neurofeedback Suite
May 4, 2018

Brand new, complete 8 channel Procomp Infinity (Thought Technology) Bio and Neurofeedback suite for sale. When I say complete I mean fully ready to use!

Includes all software, manuals, and original case and packaging.

The specifications are as follows:

Procomp Infinity / EEG 8 channel
Physiology Suite
EEG-Z Impedence testing sensor
EEG-Z Impedence testing sensor
HR/BVP-Heart Rate/Blood Volume Pulse Sensor 14cm
Skin conductance sensor,  154cm
Respiration Sensor
TT-EEG Mono/Bipolar Kit with DIN Cable, 79 cm
TT-EEG Mono/Bipolar Kit with DIN Cable, 79 cm
Myoscan Z-EMG sensor
Temperature sensor

The entire unit is brand new, never used except when testing the unit on collection thereof.

Cost: US$ 5,000, shipping incl. from Canada.

Liz Stolarczyk


Deymed - TruScan EEG
February 14, 2018

One owner - bought in 2009 used through 2016. In good working order - has been maintained. Battery operated with built in impedance meter and training games. Been advised re sell value is $3500.

Leigh Richardson



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