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Most states do not restrict who can perform biofeedback services. Thus, a person with no clinical training of any kind nor any specialized training in biofeedback may claim to provide biofeedback services.

Many state licensing boards include the practice of biofeedback within the purview of such professions as psychologists, physical therapists, nurses, physicians, occupational therapists, social workers, etc. Having such a license does not mean that the holder actually has any training or experience in providing biofeedback.

Regardless of a provider’s other credentials, certifications, licenses, etc., the only way for you to have any assurance that the provider can actually perform biofeedback based interventions is if they have had formal training in (a) biofeedback of the type required to treat your problem and (b) training in assessment and treatment of your problem. You can learn about the types of biofeedback used to help numerous disorders by looking though other parts of this site. Note that people who are trained in providing one type of biofeedback or in providing biofeedback for one disorder frequently know little about providing other types of biofeedback or incorporating biofeedback interventions into the treatment of other disorders.

AAPB feels very strongly that anyone providing biofeedback based services should meet at least the minimum standards of knowledge, training, and experience required to be certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). If a provider is not certified by BCIA, you should be especially cautious when entering into a treatment arrangement. It is important that you determine whether the person is licensed or certified to practice if you are looking for clinical intervention. There are other organizations which do certify people in biofeedback but AAPB has not assessed their criteria for certification.

AAPB (the group which has this web site) is an open membership organization. Anybody can join. Therefore AAPB knows nothing about nor does it certify the competence of any of its members to provide biofeedback services. Any full member (usually a person with a professional degree) without ethical findings against them and, if the person is a clinician, who is licensed or certified by their state to practice can place an advertisement in the practitioner directory section of the web site so AAPB disclaims any knowledge of any individual’s claims. Providers who are certified by BCIA are listed as such. AAPB provides the practitioner directory as a public service because it is frequently difficult for the public to locate biofeedback providers for many problems.

You can find providers by:

  1. Looking in the Practitioner Directory section of this site where you can search for providers by location, disorders treated, etc.
  2. Going to BCIA’s web site ( and searching their certified providers list.

You can get listed in the directory by:

  1. Purchasing a listing when you join/renew your membership.
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