The Foundation for Education and Research in Biofeedback and Related Sciences (FERB) was formed in 1985 at the urging of then AAPB president, Neal Miller, PhD. He felt that the organization had a mission to continue to support research and clinical applications in our ever broadening field. A key way to do that is to encourage the interest and application of work by students which will lead to further demonstration of the efficacy of Biofeedback techniques.

Purpose and Mission: to promote and support education, special papers and publications, scholarships, recognition awards and research in the area of applied psychophysiology.

FERB Supports:

  • Meetings to allow a public forum for the presentation of biofeedback information
  • Scholarship program to encourage attendance by qualified students at appropriate meetings and educational programs
  • Award programs to recognize the efforts of individuals who make significant contributions to the field
  • Educational seminars, lectures, demonstrations and workshops
  • Publications, including public information documents
  • Research programs to aid in increasing or determining the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of biofeedback and related forms of treatment
  • Studies to determine the impact of innovative treatments upon healthcare in society or to evaluate studies of the effectiveness of biofeedback with clinical and community practice

Individuals interested in supporting the work of FERB should contact aapb@resourcenter.com or call AAPB at (800) 447-8892.

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