2019 AAPB Book Store

2019 AAPB Conference Book Store & Consignment Opportunity for Published Authors

As a service to our members and in support of the field's published authors, AAPB is sponsoring a Book Store at the 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting.

We welcome authors in the field. We will sell your books on a consignment basis through the bookstore. Authors can sell their books through the Book Store by:

  1. Telling us your title and selling price.
  2. Bringing books to the conference or shipping them to arrive NO LATER THAN March 11, 2019
  3. AAPB will display and sell the books, assessing a 25% service fee.
  4. AAPB will forward the author's share after the close of the conference, along with official accounting documentation.
  5. Authors are responsible for picking up unsold books by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday March 16, or arranging for their return.

Shipping address is:
Marriott Denver Tech Center
Attn: Linda Arcangeli-Story/Logan Ladd AAPB AM
4900 S. Syracuse St.
Denver, CO 80237

Please contact Peder Fagerholm, PhD, BCB, BCN, with any questions or for more information:  
Dr_Pete@juno.com or 678.472.5375

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