Directory of Biofeedback Applications in Education

Survey: Educational Applications of Biofeedback/EEG Neurofeedback Educational Applications of Biofeedback/EEG Neurofeedback

Since its inception, biofeedback has been used in educational settings not just to provide 'treatment' of disease and illness, but also to promote awareness, insight and improve functioning. There is a need for providers of such approaches to learn about each other, to share ideas and gain support, which is the aim of this questionnaire. The information gathered, when applicable, will be included in the expanding directory of educational applications of biofeedback and neurofeedback.

If you are involved in using biofeedback or a closely related activity in a school setting or if you are involved in a professional biofeedback training program please take a few moments to fill this survey out and send it in. Please note that this directory does not list people if all they are doing is treatment in a clinical setting. To be listed- you must be using biofeedback or related approach in an educational environment.

The purpose of this survey is not to evaluate the programs but rather to use the information to create a directory of what is currently available. It is hoped this information will allow others to find you, and you to find them. This may also be very valuable for others in educational setting who have not yet been involved with biofeedback, but would like to be in the future.

If you know of anyone else who should receive this survey, please provide us his or her name and contact information, or better yet, send them a copy of this survey or this web address, directly.

Keep in mind the information in the directory is not meant to be a complete description of your program/services, but yield enough information for the reader to discern if they want to know more and how they can contact you directly.

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John Jordy, M.Ed., Education Section, AAPB.

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