Module 3: Psychophysiological Recording

Covers Blueprint Area III: Psychophysiological Recording

8 hours:
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Doil Montgomery, PhD, BCIAC

This module is designed to help you:

  • Describe commonly employed biofeedback modalities such as SEMG, skin temperature, electrodermal activity, heart rate, respiration, and EEG.
  • Specify and explain characteristic signals of the physiological processes of interest in biofeedback applications.
  • Integrate biofeedback systems and computers to optimize signal processing and feedback displays.
  • Identify sources of artifact (such as skin impedance) and reduce of eliminate environmental noise including 60-hertz, radio frequency, and electrostatic interference.
  • Evaluate instrument noise levels and perform continuity checks on electrodes .
  • Identify and correct electrical short circuits and correct extraneous biological activity in recordings.
  • Identify and eliminate electrical shock hazards.
  • Define and describe essential electronic terms and concepts of biofeedback applications.
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