Nurses Advancing Biofeedback and AAPB

At the AAPB meeting in Las Vegas in March, Carolyn Yucha. Ph.D., an AAPB board member, arranged for a breakfast meeting for nurses who practice biofeedback. The result was a meeting of 12 of us, including Dr. Yucha and Judy Crawford of the BCIA.

The meeting was interesting and much too short. We spoke about the things we are doing with biofeedback, as well as the challenge of making a living and practicing what we love. The meeting was a reminder of years past, when the nurse members of the AAPB had a "Nurses' Network", which met at the annual meeting and sometimes communicated during the year. These meetings were often lively discussions, attended by 30 or 40 nurses.

The topic of the Spring 1995 issue of Biofeedback was "Biofeedback and Nursing." The possibilities for the use of applied psychophysiology in nursing seemed to be limitless. The small turnout at this year's meeting makes one wonder what has changed. Are fewer nurses practicing biofeedback, are fewer of them attending the annual meeting or did they just not attend this breakfast? Is there still an interest in a Nurses' Network?

Whatever the reasons for the lack of interest in the nurses' meeting in Las Vegas, it seems that some things remain the same. Nurses, with their broad areas of knowledge and practice, have much to offer the field of applied psychophysiology. And the AAPB, through it's meetings, publications and networking opportunities, has much to offer nurses. Perhaps we can rebuild the network.

There will be a breakfast meeting for nurses at the next AAPB annual meeting in March. If you are a nurse and interested in getting together then, or in keeping in touch throughout the year, please let me know. We can all benefit from sharing our experiences and ideas. Send me an e-mail with your thoughts to

Roxann Intriligator, M.S., R.N., BCIAC

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