Saybrook University has started a distance based doctoral program concentration in Psychophysiology

Doctorate in Psychology with a concentration in Psychophysiology

Saybrook University is regionally accredited by the WASC and approved by the state of California to grant degrees.

Saybrook’s new Doctorate in Psychology with a concentration in Psychophysiology consists of distance based lectures and real-time seminars along with two “in-person” laboratory sessions per year. This regionally accredited program results in a degree in psychology incorporating training in all aspects of applied psychophysiology including courses required for BCIA & QEEGCB certification.

All of the lecture courses and real time seminars are given on-line. The labs are given at the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback’s (AAPB’s) annual meeting and Saybrook’s San Francisco campus.

The program is designed for clinicians, educators, and coaches starting at the bachelors or masters levels.
The 17 students currently enrolled are psychologists, counselors, MFTs, nurses, OTs, PTs, coaches, and educators.

Students graduating from this program will:

  1. Be professional level experts in psychophysiology and biofeedback with the training needed to qualify for all BCIA certifications.
  2. Have a Ph.D. in psychology (which virtually every organization recognizes) with emphasis in psychophysiology.
  3. Be from a well known school which is both regionally accredited (the highest form of accreditation) and authorized to grant degrees by the state of California so the degree will be recognized by all major state, federal, clinical, and academic institutions.

The program’s detailed brochure is available at or

For information about the psychophysiology doctoral program, please contact Saybrook’s admissions office at 1-800-825-4480.

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