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International Journal of Stress Management

The International Journal of Stress Management is the official publication of the International Stress Management Association

Editor: Sharon Glazer
University of Maryland Center for Advanced Study of Language

Publisher: APA Publications

Your key source for information on:

  • Dealing with life's stresses in the workplace, in the home, or in personal relationships.
  • Developing and applying effective methods of coping with the complexities of stress management problems.
  • Turning reflexive, non-productive reaction to stressors into rational behavior.

This publication addresses the need for precise behavioral strategies and methodologies that emphasize how to achieve specific goals, such as better self control, time management, and priority setting through effective stress management practices. This quarterly publishes empirical studies and theoretical essays from interdisciplinary stress management fields. It communicates the most recent investigations and innovations in stress management practice, focusing on stress-related problems in the workplace.


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