Used Equipment for Sale

Used "Like New" Neurofeedback Equipment
April 20, 2017

Discovery 24

Selling our Discovery 24E with 1 brand new never been used Med/Large Electro Cap. This Discovery 24E has only been used 3 times and as a demo piece only. Asking $3695. Please call and speak with Steve Stern 415-455-0111.


Selling our Q20 EEG demo equipment only been used 5 times along with a brand new never been used MED/LG Electro Cap. Selling for $4000 please contact Steve Stern 415-455-0111 The Q20 is a 19 channel Electroencephalogram with a low noise floor of 0.25 μV peak to peak from 0.1 to 10.0Hz, meaning that you can record EEG without worrying about noise contamination. On top of our low-noise design, the Q20 is a non-averaged, multi-channel readout amp, minimizing slew for the most accurate whole brain imaging, and giving you the exact readout of your recordings, no loss of data or smoothing. Please call and speak with Steve Stern 415-455-0111.

Neurofield X3000

Selling our Neurofield X3000 that has only been used for demo purposes. Only been used to demo 3 times. We are also throwing in a brand new, never been used MED ElectroCap. We are asking $2695 Please contact Steve Stern (415) 455-0111 The X3000 is a low intensity 4 channel pEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) generator using four 200-wind coil packs for precision placement anywhere on the body. Please call and speak with Steve Stern 415-455-0111.

Stephen Stern


BrainMaster Discovery 24
April 6, 2017

Brainmaster Discovery 24 with Impedance Lid. With Software new worth 10,000+ will sell for $7500 includes: UNLIMITED USE CLINICAL LICENSE DISCOVERY TRAINING IS ENABLED MINI-Q is enabled Loreta is enabled ANI 19-Channel Z-Score Training is enabled EEG Audio is enabled Cybernetic Interface System (CIS) is enabled MMP is enabled ZOK Plus Training is enabled Brain Dx 19 channel ZScores are enabled Brain Dx voxel ZScores are enabled Brain Dx 4 channel ZScores are enabled.

Rob Longo


Brainmaster Discovery 24
April 6, 2017

Brainmaster Discovery 24 channel with impedance lid. No added software. Excellent condition. Barely used. I am also including two electrocaps 1 blue, 1 red. Asking $4500 or best offer.

Josephine Servello


ProComp Infiniti Full Systems with Physiology and EEG Suites
March 10, 2017

Barely used in very good condition. We have over 10 to sell as we are downsizing. ProComp Infiniti Encoder (SA7500) TT USB Receiver (SA7700) Biograph Infiniti Software (SA7900) HEG pIR System (T2600) Sensor (SA2600) Headgear (SA2650) EEG-Z Impedence Check (T9305Z) Myoscan-Pro 60HZ Kit (T9401M-60) and EEG Visor HR/BVP FlexPro Sensor (SA9308M) Skin Conductance Sensor (SA9309M) Temperature Sensor (SA9310M) Respiration Sensor (SA9310M) ProComp TOTAL System: $4,000.

Louis Csoka


Neuroamp II (2)
October 25, 2016

I have two Neuroamp II with Cygnet NFB software and Tactile Puppy/Bear, games and more.$2500 each or both for $4500.

Mark Smith, DC, DABCN


October 4, 2016

I have the latest MITSAR EEG 201 M3 that was only used 2 times. It was just recently purchased for a second office location that didn't work out. It comes with WinEEG Advanced Dongle. I also have a like new Brainmaster 20 channel, Brainmaster Atlantis 2x2 with multi-media player and a Cygnet Neuroamp. I always have access to many other systems from my BCIA mentoring students. Please email for requests for specific systems or to request photos.

Alex Sanchez


February 23, 2016

NeXuS-32A, Serial 0208060027 Cap - Ag/AgCl - 19 channel - medium (blue) - w/adapter block Peripheral Sensors - Respiration - EMG (Electromyography) - Temporal Sensor - Temperature - EDR/GSR/SC (Electrodermal/Galvanic Skin Response/Skin Conductance) - BVP (Blood Volume Pulse) Individual EEG sensors (as is) - 10x 8" gold cup (Grass) - 20x 12" gold cup (Grass) - 2x ear clips - 2x gold cup holders for ear - 30x 10 "ring electrodes (NX-TMP1A-N32) - 19x 60" ring electrodes - 34x 48" extension (male to male) - 14x 10" Silver cup - 10x 3" Silver cup - 1x Reference lead (NX-REF-1A-RNC - 20x 60" Ag/AgCl Spider cup - 30x 36" Ag/AgCl Spider Cup.

Peder Fagerholm


Brand New Alpha-Stim M
February 17, 2016

Brand New Alpha-Stim M - with carrying case. Includes everything to get started: Alpha Stim M, Ear clip electrodes, 15 ml Alpha Conducting Solution, 2 sets of lead wires for 4 electrodes, 2 Smart Probes, 4 silver AS Trade brand single person multiple use self adhesive, 100 Probe electrode, 256 Earclip Pads, Illustrated Owners Manual, Instructional DVD, Neck Lanyard, Storage Case, 2 AA Batteries. $900.00 - Free Shipping.

Leigh Richardson


Used Capno Trainer
January 29, 2016

Capno Trainer – Better Physiology, Ltd. Lightly used and in excellent condition. Includes PPG sensor (heart rate), Sampling Tube, checklists, USB cable, and Installation CD. 16 Nasal cannulas and 3 filters included. Retails at $3300. Asking $2000. Please email for more information and pictures.

JoAnne Scott



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