Used Equipment for Sale

Deymed - TruScan EEG
February 14, 2018

One owner - bought in 2009 used through 2016. In good working order - has been maintained. Battery operated with built in impedance meter and training games. Been advised re sell value is $3500.

Leigh Richardson


J&J Portable Instruments
December 26, 2017

FOR DONATION to a verifiable psychophysiology training/education facility. Pay shipping only. Two J&J portable biofeedback instruments Made in the '90's, lightly used. Usual J&J quality. G-25 GSR/Temp feedback via light bar and audio M-56 EMG feedback via same modalities Original manuals included The Lithium-ion batteries take good charge and according to Denver Battery Giant are replaceable and also by more recent NiMH batteries. The EMG snap-on electrodes are available from J&J. Excellent small instruments with canvas zip bags for easily portable demonstration and student hands-on non-screen experience/practice. Donated as a pair for shipping cost only. If interested please clearly indicate the verifiable training facility and reply to email below.

Kenton Burns


BrainMaster Discovery24
November 10, 2017

I am selling my very lightly used Discovery24 amplifier along with brand new HEG/temp/scr package and the rights to an expansive software package. The list value of the entire package is $15,530.00 I am asking $9,318.00 (40% reduction) Please email me to request details.

Ashley Wendland


Procomp Infiniti and Procomp+ biofeedback systems for sale
October 9, 2017

I have two biofeedback systems for Sale. The first system is procomp infiniti (SA7500) with pro sb. system in very good condition with original bag. it comes with two sEMG sensors, one Skin Conductance Sensor (SA9309M) and one Temperature Sensor (SA9310M). system need full version software from Thought technology or other developer. The required price 1300 US$ the second system is procomp plus with biograph infiniti version 5 and prosb. system also comes with two sEMg sensors, Physiology suite package and one skin conductance sensor. The required price 1000 US$. I have also some new extra sensors.i will sell with discount of listed price in thought technology website. I will ship by Express courier.

Ameer Almubarak


Used MITSAR 201 and/or 2 medium WaveGuard qEEG caps for SALE
August 2, 2017

I'm selling a used Mitsar 201 (2006 model) that was purchased new by the previous owner in 2008 I believe. Selling for $3000 USD (new units cost ~$7000 USD).

I've used it for qEEG data collection (e.g., NeuroGuide or qEEGPro etc.) without problem. The WinEEG software required for this is free from Mitsar's website. I don't know if you can do full cap neurofeedback/LORETA with it.  

The reason I'm selling is that I've purchased a new NeuroField Q20.

The WinEEG software requires to either be run on a system with Windows XP or on a newer operating system in Windows XP mode. I ran it on a Windows 7 laptop in virtual Windows XP mode. I believe it is free to download virtual Windows XP mode. So there is no need to upgrade any computers or have a computer using Windows XP. Instead, you download a program to use a virtual Windows XP mode within your operating system. .  There are special drivers that Mitsar provided me that I can send to you so you don't have to contact them directly.

ALSO, I'm selling 2 barely used (i.e., one used twice the other used 4-5 times) medium AntNeuro WaveGuard EEG caps . These caps are superior to the standard EEG caps in terms of comfort, quality, ease of use, and cleaning/drying. The reason I'm selling is that I cannot use them with my NeuroField Q20 as there are no A1 and A2 inputs on the Q20 amplifier to allow linked ear reference (it works with Q20 but uses mastoid references). WaveGuard caps work on all other major amplifiers for linked ear references that have inputs on the amplifiers for A1 and A2 (linked ears) such as BrainMaster, Mitsar, Deymed, and Nexus.

To learn more about the WaveGuard caps click here:

and here:

These caps are regularly $399 each. I am selling for $275 USD each or $550 USD for both.

Please contact me directly:

Dr. Chris Friesen, PhD, C.Psych., BCN


Mitsar 201 M3 EEG amplifier and WinEEG/EEGstudio advanced software dongles
July 28, 2017

2015 production model, never used Mitsar 201 M3 amplifier. Comes with WinEEG advanced version and EEGstudio software. $5500 With complete MCS cap and elecrtode system (brand new) $6500 With all the above plus ERP kit (new) $7500 I also have 2 x WinEEG advanced / EEGstudio standalone software dongles (new) for sale $1500 Prices are inclusive of free postage worldwide.

Sotirios Douklias


ProComp Infiniti Full Systems with Physiology and EEG Suites
March 10, 2017



ProComp Infiniti Full Systems with Physiology and EEG Suites:
ProComp Infiniti Encoder (SA7500)
TT USB Receiver (SA7700)
Biograph Infiniti Software (SA7900)
HEG pIR System (T2600) Sensor (SA2600) Headgear (SA2650)
EEG-Z Impedence Check (T9305Z) and EEG Visor
HR/BVP FlexPro Sensor (SA9308M)
Skin Conductance Sensor (SA9309M)
Temperature Sensor (SA9310M)
Respiration Sensor (SA9310M)

ProComp TOTAL System: $4,000

Louis Csoka



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