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The book is divided into eight sections, each with several relevant articles. The focus is on instrumentation and technology, but there is much more to harvest from the wisdom of the authors who have a wealth of clinical experience. Inna Kazan’s introduction to normative values in psycho­physiology is a valuable resource that starts off the book in Section One. Section Two is an in-depth treatment of electromyography (EMG), along with useful fundamentals. Jeff Bolek’s articles on neuromuscular rehabilitation demonstrate his unparalleled mastery of this important area of biofeed­back. In addition, there are articles that delve into all manner of methodological issues in EMG. Section Three on respiration along with several practical articles, reprints the oft-cited article by Chris Gilbert, “Better Chemistry through Breathing.” I have used this article in classes and workshops for years as it clearly translates complicated issues in pulmonology to the biofeedback clinician’s level. Erik Peper, one of the pioneers in biofeedback, has many contributions on clinical strategies and tricks of the trade, one of which is reprinted here. Section Four has a number of articles on heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback, including a recent very user-friendly paper on metrics and norms by Fredric Shaffer and J. P. Ginsberg. These will be of help for anyone trying to navigate the complicated world of HRV measurement and feedback. Section Five covers electrodermal recordings and feedback, an important but often ignored area of applied psychophysiology. For Section Six, articles produced by Michael and Lynda Thompson, Mari and Paul Swingle, Tom Collura, and Kirtley Thornton are presented. The reader will benefit from these well-known experts in a complex area. The beginner in neurofeedback would be wise to start with this section. Finally, Sections Seven and Eight approach the areas of ethical standards and practices. Our field has its own unique challenges in this area and it is sometimes difficult to find guidance on tricky issues. Donald Moss, Richard Sherman, David Hagedorn and others have contributed thoughtful commentary for the practitioner. Richard Harvey and Erik Peper finish up with an interesting philosophical approach to biofeedback.

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