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2017 AAPB Webinar 4: QEEG NFB, Report Writing and Linking Symptoms to Dysregulati

2017 AAPB Webinar 4: QEEG NFB, Report Writing and Linking Symptoms to Dysregulati
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Presented by Robert Thatcher, PhD, Director, Applied Neuroscience Research Institute

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Course Description:
Presentation of the history of EEG and QEEG and scientific publications. Explanations of power spectral analyses and coherence and phase and how these measures are obtained. Demonstrations of how to eliminate artifact and perform high quality analyses. Demonstrations of how to estimate the 3-dimensional sources of the EEG and to how to use a normative database to evaluate dysregulation in hubs and connections between hubs that are likely linked to the patient's symptoms. Demonstrations of how to do LORETA Z score and surface EEG Z score Neurofeedback. Instruction on how to use Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) software. Demonstrations of how to write a clinical report and how to evaluate pre vs post treatment changes in the severity of symptoms.

Learning Objectives:
Professionals who complete this webinar will:

  • Demonstrations of how to efficiently eliminate artifact and determine > 0.9 test re-test reliability.
  • Demonstrations of how to compare a patient's EEG to an age matched normative database.
  • Demonstrations of how to estimate the sources of the EEG.
  • Demonstrations of how to create a clinical report.
  • Demonstrations of how to link patient's symptoms to dysregulation in brain networks.

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: None. Advance preparation is not required.

Presenter Bio:
Robert Thatcher, PhD

Dr. Thatcherreceived a Ph.D. in psychology with a major in biopsychology from the University of Waterloo, Canada. He was a postdoctoral at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine before his appointment as an assistant professor of Psychiatry at New York Medical College and an associate professor at NYU School of Medicine then a full professor of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland. He was the 128 channel EEG program manager and Neuroimaging at NIH and the director of the EEG and MRI program at the Bay Pines VA Medical Center, Florida. He has been the recipient of the Hans Berger Award of Merit (AAPB Neurofeedback Division) and the Life Time Achievement Award for work in the scientific specialty of QEEG (ISNR). He is the author of over 200 publications, including eight books. His most recent book is entitled the "Handbook of Quantitative Electroencephalography and EEG Biofeedback".

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