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2015 AAPB Webinar 9: Mindroom Sport Performance

2015 AAPB Webinar 9: Mindroom Sport Performance
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Presented by Pierre Beauchamp, PhD, President, Mindroom Sport Performance, Mindroom Sport Performance

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Course Description:
Psychophysiological assessment and training tools, specifically HRV Biofeedback, are increasingly integrated with sport psychology services for elite and Olympic level athletes. This workshop will detail Pierre Beauchamp's working model of a typical psychophysiology session with eiite performers. Demonstrations of a thorough assessments (1 hours) and a brief assessment (5-minutes) will be completed. The Mindroom HRV program protocols of training will then be presented. Specifically, elite athletes protocols to enhance self-regulation and Decision-making will be highlighted. How to plan a 10-week protocol utilizing the Mindroom 5-step approach (Assessment, Education, Training, Simulation, Evaluation) will be illustrated with examples from several different Olympic sports. In this workshop, examples of the assessment-to-training plan development will be reviewed with an emphasis on the Simulation and transfer of self-regulation skills to a high-pressure competitive environment. The goal of how to provide real-time feedback to athletes regarding shifts in physiological states to enhance their mastery of state regulation will be demonstrated. Finally, the use of other technologies in the assessment and training of selective attention and decision-making under pressure will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:
Professionals who complete this webinar will gain:

  • Participants will be introduced to the Mindroom Sport Performance 5-step HRV Biofeedback Program .
  • Participants will learn how to utilize the Mindroom PSP Suite of 7 Assessments.
  • Participants will learning how to develop their own protocols based on the Mindroom Gold Medal Program.
  • Participants will learn how to evaluate the efficacy of their Self-Regulation Program utilizing HRV objective measures integrated with psychometric tools from Sport Psychology.

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: None. Advance preparation is not required.

Presenter Bio:

Pierre Beauchamp, PhD, is the President/Founder of Mindroom Sports Performance & Analytics - a ground breaking human performance laboratory that has achieved worldwide recognition through the utilization of cutting edge sports science technology to enhance performance. Pierre has worked with the Canadian Olympic Association, International Olympic Committees, National Sport Organizations and National Team athletes for a variety of countries in preparation for Olympic Games: Lillehammer (1994); Atlanta (1996); Nagano (1998); Salt Lake (2002); Vancouver (2010); London (2012) and Sochi (2014). Presently, Pierre builds prototypes, psychophysiological software and hardware for monitoring athlete/trader performance, and is working with Financial Institutions & Hedge Funds developing Mindroom Peak Performance programs for Investment Professionals.

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