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2016 AAPB Webinar 10: HRV Coherence and PTSD

2016 AAPB Webinar 10: HRV Coherence and PTSD
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Presented by: JP Ginsberg, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist and Principal

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Course Description:
The association between autonomic cardiac adjustments and successful processing of information from environmental stimulation has been known for decades (e.g. 'intake-rejection', 'cardiovascular learning', 'defense reflex'). There has been much scientific literature published in recent years on 'HRV Coherence', (e.g. the 0.1 Hz peak or vagal tone). We now understand that the central mechanisms of Coherence are baroreflex resonance and vagal afference. It is now known that HRV is diminished in PTSD, disrupting normal autonomic cardiac adjustments and impairing cognitive appraisal of environmental stimulation. HRV Biofeedback produces Coherence and leads to improvement in early stage information processing and also, importantly, in emotional self-regulation. There is burgeoning research showing HRV Biofeedback reduces symptoms of PTSD. The theoretical underpinning of HRV Coherence and PTSD along with some of our past, current, and planned research will be presented, with a particular focus on the meaning and measurement of 'HRV Coherence'

Learning Objectives:
Professionals who complete this webinar will gain:

  • Explain the dependence of appraisal and action on HRV Coherence.
  • Define HRV Coherence and describe the method for quantifying it.
  • Describe how HRV Biofeedback produces HRV Coherence.
  • Discuss the application of HRV Biofeedback in the clinical treatment of PTSD and how HRV Coherence indicates self-regulation and predicts improved cognitive performance and mood.

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: None. Advance preparation is not required.

Presenter Bio:

JP Ginsbergn, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist with joint appointments at the Dorn VA Medical Center and USC School of Medicine, Columbia, SC. He performs psychological/neuropsychological evaluations of Veterans, and his primary research interest is in disruption by PTSD of autonomic cardiac adjustment and cognitive appraisal during orientation to environmental stimulation. He has authored or co-authored over 30 peer-reviewed articles, and two book chapters. He is on the editorial boards of Frontiers in Psychology and Austin Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Cognitive Science, serves as ad hoc reviewer for several journals, and is a scientist reviewer of grant proposals for the AIBS, DoD, and NIH. He has received research grants from DoD and the VA to study HRV Biofeedback,. His recently completed DoD-funded study of HRV Biofeedback treatment for PTSD in combat Veterans showed clinically and statistically significant benefits. He currently is Co-PI of a VA-funded study of chronic pain and HRV Biofeedback.

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