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2010 AAPB Webinar 4: Part 2-Ethical Standards & Perspectives in Biofeedback

2010 AAPB Webinar 4: Part 2-Ethical Standards & Perspectives in Biofeedback
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Presented by Donald Moss, PhD, Chair, College of Mind-Body Medicine, Saybrook University, San Francisco

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Part 2: Ethical Standards and Ethical Perspectives in Biofeedback and Integrative Health Care

Course Description:
This second Recording will review several approaches to moral thinking and ethical decision making, and their relevance to making decisions in biofeedback and neurofeedback practice. The presenter will review the developmental model of Lawrence Kohlberg, and apply this model for moral thinking to several common practice situations in biofeedback. He will also review relevant principles in bio-medical ethics, the concept of aspirational ethics, and other approaches to ethical decision making in the emerging field of integrative health care. The attendees will discuss the relevance of these ethical principles, and current standards to such common problems as: breaches of confidentiality; HIPAA privacy violations; adverse treatment effects; the uses of electronic communication; and the duty to warn in instances of suicidal or homicidal risk.

Learning Objectives:
Professionals who complete this teleseminar will be able to:

  • become aware of several philosophical, psychological, and biomedical ethical paradigms for moral thinking and moral decision making.
  • become aware of the need to adapt and reconsider prevailing professional guidelines in communities with diverse cultural expectations.
  • understand the current standards for using electronic communication with clinical patients.
  • review the guidelines for responsible professional action when patients show signs of risk for suicidal or violent behavior.

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