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2017 AAPB Webinar 5: Autonomic Balance and Executive Function

2017 AAPB Webinar 5: Autonomic Balance and Executive Function
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Presented by Tara Austin, MS, Doctoral Student, Brigham Young University

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Course Description:
The purpose of this webinar is to present current research on the relationship between autonomic balance and executive functioning. Previous research has emphasized the positive impact of HF HRV on improved executive functioning, but recent large-scale studies have failed to find a relationship and have concluded that HRV is not a factor in executive functioning. The current presentation examines whether the LF/HF ratio in HRV is a stronger predictor of executive function than HF HRV in people breathing at resonant frequency versus breathing normally. Specifically, the relative effects of HRV biofeedback, a mindfulness intervention, and a control group were compared on executive function (measured using the NIH toolbox). Ninety participants were randomly assigned to the HRV biofeedback, mindfulness, or control conditions, and assessed at baseline and three weeks later on executive functioning and measures of HRV. Full results will be presented in the webinar.

Learning Objectives:
Professionals who complete this webinar will:

  • Learners will be able to explain the difference between parasympathetic activity and parasympathetic and sympathetic balance in regards to cognitive functioning .
  • Identify areas of executive function affected by improved HRV.

Level: Introductory

Prerequisites: None. Advance preparation is not required.

Presenter Bio:
Tara Austin, MS, Doctoral Student

Tara Austin is a doctoral student at Brigham Young University, studying under Patrick Steffen. Her research interests are using Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback to improve both performance and everyday functioning.

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