Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2014-2015


Paul Lehrer, PhD
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Department of Psychiatry
671 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ  08854
Phone: (732) 235-4877
Term Expires: 2015

Fred Shaffer, PhD
Director Biofeedback
Truman State University
4 Sunrise Lane
Kirksville, MO  63501-1820
Phone: (660) 665-5751
Term Expires: 2015

Michael McKee, PhD
Staff Psychologist
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Department of Psychology & Psychiatry
9500 Euclid Avenue, Desk #P57
Cleveland, OH 44195-5001
Phone: (216) 444-5816
Term Expires: 2015

Aubrey Ewing, PhD
Aubrey K. Ewing, Ph.D & Associates, P.A.
1230 S. Federal Hwy, Suite 101
Boynton Beach, FL  33435
Phone: (561) 742-7122
Term Expires: 2016

John G. Arena, PhD
Lead Psychologist
VA Medical Ctr/Augusta, GA
4016 Braddock Street
Martinez, GA 30907
Phone: (706) 733-0188 x2569
Term Expires: 2015

Scheherazade S. Shamsavari, PhD, ATR
Doc Services
2274 Chanate Road
Santa Rosa, CA  95404
Phone: (707) 546-2833
Fax: (707) 546-2833
Term Expires: 2016

Francine Butler, PhD
Empressa Consulting
1944 Goldenvue Dr
Golden, CO  80401
Phone: (303) 725-9155
Term Expires: 2016

Doil Montgomery, PhD
322 NW Sheffield Circle
Port St. Lucie, FL  34983
Phone: (772) 871-0319
Term Expires: 2015

Richard Sherman, PhD
Behavioral Medicine Research & Training Foundation
6576 Blue Mountain Road
Port Angeles, WA  98362
Phone : (360) 452-5020
Term Expires: 2015

Stuart Donaldson, PhD
Myosymmetries Calgary
Suite 240
1016 68th Ave SW
Calgary, AB  T2V 4J2
Phone: (403) 225-0900
Term Expires: 2015

David Stumph, IOM, CAE
10200 W 44th Ave. Ste 304
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Phone: (303) 422-8436
Fax: (720) 881-6101

Brittney Maruska
10200 W 44th Ave. Ste 304
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Phone: (303) 422-8436
Fax: (720) 881-6101

NOTE: Terms expire at the close of the AAPB annual meeting for the year indicated.


Annual Report for the Foundation for Education and Research in Biofeedback and Related Sciences (FERB, The Foundation)

Committee Chair:  Paul Lehrer, Ph.D.
Treasurer: Fred Schaffer, Ph.D.
Committee Members: Carmen Russoniello, Ph.D.; Michael McKee, Ph.D.; Alan Glaros, Ph.D.; Aubrey Ewing, Ph.D.; John Arena, Ph.D.; Doil Montgomery, Ph.D.; David Stumph, IOM,CAE.
AAPB Board Liaison:  Gabriel Tan, Ph.D.(non-voting);
Report offered by Doil D. Montgomery, Ph.D. Immediate Past Chair. 
This last year fund raising efforts were very successful.  Several lines of raising funds were utilized.  As in the past individuals gave to The Foundation when they renewed their memberships and as in the past members were very generous.  The foundation also received a sizable contribution from a state society that dissolved its incorporation. 
This year the committee discontinued the annual meeting silent auction as it has been dwindling in interest and funding, and instead used a revenue sharing venture between AAPB and FERB during Riverboat Jamboree onboard the Cajun Queen.   The Jamboree was held on Saturday evening.  FERB offered the opportunity for sponsorship and four sponsors helped fund the event.  They were Tom and Terri Corulla of Brainmaster, Steven Sterns of Stens Corporation, Larry Klein and Hal Meyers of Thought Technology, and The Florida Biofeedback Society.  In addition to the sponsorships many individuals chose to help support FERB’s funding efforts by giving individually during the cruise. 
Following is a listing of the names of the individuals who contributed to FERB during all of last year:
$5.00 to $50.00

Sox, Karen A.; Brumley, Patrice B.; Hovanitz, Christine A.; Edmonson, Dee S.;
Miller, Darrell P.;  Cea, Juan A., Meyer, Dan;  Grijalva, Patricia; Holly, Daniel T.;
Meyer, Dan; Ciecko, Walter J.; Harvey, Richard, Rady; Daniel E.; Rothburd, Michael I.;
Walker, Jonathan; van Someren, Laurie O.; Fee, Geraldine, Lancaster, Mary Ann;
Verghese, C; Samuel C.; Luchow, Anya; McGinnis; Michaele, Glaros, Alan G.;          
Hall, Howard; Sakakibara, Masahito; McGrady, Angele; Gevirtz, Richard N.;
Delgado, Vielka A.; Harvey, Richard; Hovanitz, Christine A.; Loveland, Lori K.;  
Edmonson, Dee S.; Rosenthal, Ronald L.; Middaugh, Susan J.; Arena, John G.;
Grijalva, Patricia; Gruber, Barry L.; Walsh, Alex E.; Dorna, Lizette M.;
Abelon, RiaQueen M.; Frick, Ann; Peper, Erik; Holly, Daniel T.; Sitar, Michael A.;
Kent, Janna N.; Ramsey, Sajeela; Alford, Richard; Andrasik, Frank; Read, Ashley M.; 
Meyer, Dan; Harvey, Richard; Morrell, Barbara; Hall, Howard; Walsh, Alex E.;
Baskin, Steven M.; Sowder, Erik T.; Ebert, Crystal; Elliott, Lonnie E.; Arena, John G.; 
Sime, Wesley E.; Stoner, Marie E.; de la Boursodiere, Teresa K;
McDonald-Morken, Colleen;  Sobie, Rhonda L.; Sobie, Timothy J.; Ewing, Aubrey K.; 
Frick, Ann; Kolar, Barbara J.; Crowder, Connie P.; Crowder, Don L.;
Newman, Jan; Scholz; Mary J.; Sitar, Michael A.; Whitehouse, Robert P.;
Schwartz, Mark  S.; Lagos, Leah M; Dupee, Margaret E.; Cowan, Jonathan D.; 
Walker, Linda A.; Eichman, Julie; Shamsavari, Schehehrazade S.;
Fagerholm, Peder H.; Ciecko, Walter J.; Frank, Dana L.; Sakakibara, Masahito; 
Bolek, Jeffrey E.; Booiman, Annette; Kessel, Rolf; Rosenthal, Ronald L.;
Sime, Wesley E.; Newman, Jan; Sitar, Michael A.; Whitehouse, Robert P.,
Ramsey, Sajeela; Sigafus, Paula; Dupee, Margaret E.; Walker, Linda A.

$51.00 to $100

Doyle, Robert B.; Rosenthal, Ronald L.; Donaldson, Stuart C.; Weits, Genelle,
Montgomery, Doil D.; Moss, Donald P.; Ramsey, Sajeela
$101 to $500.00
Butler, Francine; Montgomery, Doil
More than $500.00
Shamsavari, Scheherazade S.
The weather was perfect for the cruise, and all enjoyed the food along with the New Orleans styled music.  During the cruise FERB received its most generous individual contribution to date from Scheherazade Shamsavari Ph.D., ATR.  At the New Orleans meeting FERB also received a very generous contribution from Fran Butler in memory of the late Thomas Budzynski.
The success of the fund raising efforts this year will allow FERB to continue its support of student efforts in education and research.   This year FERB funded students at the following institutions:
1 to East Carolina University - $400 plus $95 for registration
Share an amount for scholarships to Truman State University students (suggest equivalent of two scholarships--$800 plus a tuition waiver for all 4 $380)
Share an amount for scholarships to San Francisco State University students (suggest equivalent of two scholarships--$800 plus a tuition waiver for all 4 $380)
1 to University of Ottawa - $400 plus $95 for registration
1 to Argosy University - $400 plus $95 for registration
1 to United States Sports Academy - $400 plus $95 for registration
1 to Cleveland State University - $400 plus $95 for registration
Scholarships 9 at $3,600
Registration  13 at $95 for $1,235
Total $4,835

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