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Pro Comp Infinity
March 4, 2014

Pro Comp Infiniti, Model SA7500, Serial CA1891. $2,500. Includes hardware manual, software manual, installation instructions, all disks updated to 2012. -Qty (2) Myoscan Pro for biofeedback -Qty (2) SC Flex Pro for skin conductance -Qty (2) EEG-Z adaptors Approx. 300 EMG single electrode units #T3404 Approx. 100 EMG triode electrode (nickel plated brass) units #T3402M Approx. 70 electrode prep pads #B59800 Approx. 100 Unigel single electrode units #T3425 Thought Technology can transfer any upgrades and support to new owner when notified of serial # and sale.

Pam Moore


Biofeedback systems to start your CLINIC.
December 18, 2013

Hi Everyone. Here is a complete system ready to start your clinic or complement an existing one. All of these components are in perfect working condition with hardly any use.

That is right, here is the short story.

I have a son with autism, being a counsellor I did some research and found that Neurofedback/Biofeedback are excellent to build up those neuron path ways, living in Canada at the time there was no one close by that would do this treatment at a reasonable cost, therefore decided to invest quite a bit of money in equipment and courses in the US, in fact did an internship in Michigan (meet and worked with some great people).
The good news is this year my son has started college and doing great, as for using the system on others, my work has taken me in many other directions and I am not seeing myself doing counselling and using this equipment in the near future, but I know this equipment can be a start of a great business career for someone else or to complement an existing work.

To sum it all up, I spent with taxes and transport over 2000$00 US but will sell for less than 1000$00 US and offer free shipping to US or Canada.

Here is what you get:

  • One J & J Engineering Physiolab unit, model I-330-C2 6ch, complete with: electrodes 2 for head MC-5-SGW (EEG), 2 for ear (EEG), 1 for wrist (gel free for heart rate & HRV), one sensor for temperature (EDR), and one belt type sensor for waist (in order to monitor breathing to do Biofeedback).
    J&J Engineering do not do much advertising in comparison to others but the equipment works flawlessly and is easy to operate.
  • One CD & binder with all the operating manuals that came with the equipment.

As mentioned before this equipment is like new with very little use (only on one person), it has been in my office at room temperature properly stored never exposed to extreme of temperature or moisture, only the binder was stored in another place and the papers has some moisture marks but not the equipment!
Last time I checked it was working in perfect condition, even though the warranties have expired in the equipment, obviously I do not give out any warranties. Therefore seize the opportunity!

Contact Fern at: Have pictures to send.

Fern Sarrafo


Dell Computer with an apdate Nexus Biofeedback Program and all the equipment. Hardy used.
December 4, 2013

Dell Computer with an apdate Nexus Biofeedback Program and all the equipment. Hardy used. $4000.00.

Nancie Keown
209-727-7112 - Home
209-482-0413 - Cell


Thought Technology Pro Comp Infinity 5-Channel with Sensors
October 18, 2013

Complete package for sale, but I might be willing to sell some items separately. Negotiable. Purchased June 17, 2010 Asking $3,995 (retail $5,170) ProComp Infiniti 5 2 Myoscan Pro V2 EMG Sensors (PP - never used) Heart Rate / BVP Sensor (PP) Skin Conductance Sensor (PP) Temperature Sensor (PP) Respiration Sensor (PP) Pre-gelled Disposable sEMG Sensors - 150 pack Carrying case, physiology suite, gel tube Book: Evidence-Based Practice in Biofeeback and Neurofeedback (AAPB) Book: Biofeedback - A Practitioner's Guide: $62.

Rob Young


Nexus-10 and Sensors
September 18, 2013

Nexus-10 and sensors: BVP sensor; EXG sensor; Respiratory sensor and Temperature sensor.

Susan Pfeiffer
361-563-8813 or 361-814-2273


Used Biofeedback & Neurofeedback
July 10, 2013

We have a variety of used biofeedback and neurofeedback instruments. Visit or call 800-521-4640. We often have a number of items not listed. If you have an older or unique item call us and it's likely we can help you find what you are looking for. I have a number of older Autogenics, Biofeedback Systems, J&J, Bio-Logic devices and more.

Brian Milstead



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