Used Equipment for Sale

Lexicore Neurosearch 24 and Neurosearch24D
April 20, 2015

Lexicore Neurosearch 24 and a Neurosearch 24D, Your choice of one or the other or both. Many accessories including, but not limited to, two ohm meters, a red and a blue cap, gold connectors and many other cables etc. First reasonable offer. For further information contact me at (218) 838-0565.

Randall Bundy
(218) 838-0565


Nexus 10 Biofeedback System
March 26, 2015

Nexus-10 Mark II Encoder NX-battery Pack NX-charger and power cord Bluetooth 2-USB connectors 1-BVP (blood volume pulse) sensor 1-EXG (EMG, sEMG, ECG, EOG) sensor and grounding reference cable 1-GSR (galvanic skin resistance) sensor 1-RESP (respiration) sensor and belt set (2 sizes) for RESP 1-TEMP (temperature) sensor Cohesive wrap tape Electrodes Leather encoder case BioTrace V.2012 C software disc Nexus Hardware Manual BK-Nexus Lab Manual "Biofeedback Mastery: An Experiential Teaching and Self-Training Manual" by Erik Peper and Hana Tylova Follow the link for more detailed information about the hardware, software, and supplemental materials: The total price for the system listed above is $5000.00 plus shipping. In addition, the Biotrace software is installed on an HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook PC (connects to Nexus via bluetooth) which I can include for another $400.

Aaron Kaplan


Nexus 10
March 6, 2015

MINT CONDITION! NEXUS 10. Equipment used ONLY for certification. EXG Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Respiration Sensor, BVP Sensor, EXGB-REF (Reference Ground Cable), EXG2A Sensor, GSR1D Sensor, Respiration Bands, EEG Tape and Paste, Ultralast Energy Station Charger, 240 Pre-gelled Disposable Electrodes, Basic Neurotherapy Clinician's Guide, Biofeedback: A Practitioner's Guide by Schwartz and Andrasik. For anyone looking to get started with biofeedback and have everything you need- IT'S ALL INCLUDED! Valued at $7800, asking for $5300 OBO. Priced to sell!

Jason Frable


Nexus 4
February 13, 2015

BVP finger sensor, Respiration sensor, 2 channel EMG/EEG/EKG/EOG cable, ear clips, pellets, reusable and disposable electrodes, 2 ground reference cables, and manual.

Hard case & BioTrace software.  Includes 3 jars of paste Ten20 and 3 tubes of NuPrep.

Great condition, rarely used $2700 + shipping obo.

Meg Green


Mini-Q II, Electro Cap package
November 3, 2014

Wanna-be Neurofeedback therapist is throwing in the towel! For Sale, a Mini-Q II EEG assessment unit by Brainmaster. Never been used. Lists for $1495. Also, an Electro Cap start-up package (still wrapped in the mailing package it arrived in). Includes one Medium-size cap (all you really need). Lists for $475. A $2000 value. Asking $1550. These are in "as-new" condition.

Matt Mielnick


Nexus 4 channel
October 28, 2014

Nexus 4, BVP finger sensor, temp sensor, 2 channel EMG/EEG/EKG/EOG cable, electrodes, manual, case & all related accessories. Paid $5200 in 2010. Like new $2750.

Carol Jones


Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Equipment for Sale
October 3, 2014

ProComp2 Bio/Neurofeedback System w/ BioGraph Infiniti Software version 6. Has one built in EEG and includes 1 EEG, 1 Temp and 1 Resp sensor $1600. Optional new Pir sensor $800. 2 ch Deymed Neurofeedback system 1900. Truscan EEG 24ch qEEG/neurofeedback system 6000. QDS Focus 2 ch neurofeedback $350. Brainmaster 2 Ch and 4 Ch units available - email for price. More units are available. Please email with questions and photo requests.

Alex Sanchez


Complete Biofeedback System
July 29, 2014

Barely used Complete Biofeedback system including: Play Attention -2 Sizes of Helmets -All Connectors -Main Unit Heart Math -Freeze Framer -All Connectors -Manual -Sensors Nexus-10 -All Connectors -All Sensors -Loads of Electrodes -Bio Trace Software -Remote Unit -Several Manuals Original Cost for Entire Package was over $10,000.00. I am selling for $5,000.00 obo.

Mitch Lau


Brainmaster Discovery with Extra Software
June 5, 2014

Barely used 24 Channel Brainmaster Discovery (5800 new) in excellent condition. Still has affiliate warranty) Comes with discovery collection software, 4 channel Neurofeedback training software (895 new) and multimedia DVD player (450 new). New cost $7300 asking $4900 obo. Please email phone number with any questions. Optional dell computer and EEG caps.

Alex Sanchez


Pro Comp Infinity
March 4, 2014

Pro Comp Infiniti, Model SA7500, Serial CA1891. $2,500. Includes hardware manual, software manual, installation instructions, all disks updated to 2012. -Qty (2) Myoscan Pro for biofeedback -Qty (2) SC Flex Pro for skin conductance -Qty (2) EEG-Z adaptors Approx. 300 EMG single electrode units #T3404 Approx. 100 EMG triode electrode (nickel plated brass) units #T3402M Approx. 70 electrode prep pads #B59800 Approx. 100 Unigel single electrode units #T3425 Thought Technology can transfer any upgrades and support to new owner when notified of serial # and sale.

Pam Moore


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