Used Equipment for Sale

February 23, 2016

NeXuS-32A, Serial 0208060027 Cap - Ag/AgCl - 19 channel - medium (blue) - w/adapter block Peripheral Sensors - Respiration - EMG (Electromyography) - Temporal Sensor - Temperature - EDR/GSR/SC (Electrodermal/Galvanic Skin Response/Skin Conductance) - BVP (Blood Volume Pulse) Individual EEG sensors (as is) - 10x 8" gold cup (Grass) - 20x 12" gold cup (Grass) - 2x ear clips - 2x gold cup holders for ear - 30x 10 "ring electrodes (NX-TMP1A-N32) - 19x 60" ring electrodes - 34x 48" extension (male to male) - 14x 10" Silver cup - 10x 3" Silver cup - 1x Reference lead (NX-REF-1A-RNC - 20x 60" Ag/AgCl Spider cup - 30x 36" Ag/AgCl Spider Cup.

Peder Fagerholm


Brand New Alpha-Stim M
February 17, 2016

Brand New Alpha-Stim M - with carrying case. Includes everything to get started: Alpha Stim M, Ear clip electrodes, 15 ml Alpha Conducting Solution, 2 sets of lead wires for 4 electrodes, 2 Smart Probes, 4 silver AS Trade brand single person multiple use self adhesive, 100 Probe electrode, 256 Earclip Pads, Illustrated Owners Manual, Instructional DVD, Neck Lanyard, Storage Case, 2 AA Batteries. $900.00 - Free Shipping.

Leigh Richardson


Used Nexus-10 and Capno Trainer
January 29, 2016

Nexus-10 Bluetooth Wireless system. Includes: Bluetooth, BVP finger sensor (NX-BVP), Respiration sensor (NX-RSP1A), SCP sensor (NX-SCP2A), Temperature sensor (NX-TMP1A), SC/GSR sensor (NX-GSR1A) ,two EXG reference cables(NX-EXG-REF), EXG sensor (NX-EXG2), Stens Bluetrodes EEG Disc Electrodes, User Manual for the BioTrace+ Software, and Leather Encoder Case. Unit and accessories retailed in 2005 for approximately $6500. New Nexus-10 Mark II systems with equivalent sensors/accessories retails for approximately $7300. Equipment in excellent condition. Asking $4,500. Capno Trainer – Better Physiology, Ltd. Lightly used and in excellent condition. Includes PPG sensor (heart rate), Sampling Tube, checklists, USB cable, and Installation CD. 16 Nasal cannulas and 3 filters included. Retails at $3300. Asking $2800. Please email for more information and pictures.

JoAnne Scott


Brain - Trainer Combo Package
September 24, 2015

From Brain Trainer - By Trainers for Trainers. Train EEG and Prefrontal HEG nIR HEG combo with EEG complete trainer's package. $2,800.00.

Alicya Simmons


2012 Deymed w/LORETA
August 27, 2015

German made top of the line Deymed all in one system and screen built into a professional cart. This is a very impressive mapping and treatment system. We have added on LORETA and have several additional keys for high performance. Paid over $39,000 or the system and add-ons. System comes with everything needed including caps, cables. In like new condition, sell for $30,000. Will take CC transaction as payment.

Claudia Airola



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