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Used Nexus-10 and Capno Trainer
January 29, 2016

Nexus-10 Bluetooth Wireless system. Includes: Bluetooth, BVP finger sensor (NX-BVP), Respiration sensor (NX-RSP1A), SCP sensor (NX-SCP2A), Temperature sensor (NX-TMP1A), SC/GSR sensor (NX-GSR1A) ,two EXG reference cables(NX-EXG-REF), EXG sensor (NX-EXG2), Stens Bluetrodes EEG Disc Electrodes, User Manual for the BioTrace+ Software, and Leather Encoder Case. Unit and accessories retailed in 2005 for approximately $6500. New Nexus-10 Mark II systems with equivalent sensors/accessories retails for approximately $7300. Equipment in excellent condition. Asking $4,500. Capno Trainer – Better Physiology, Ltd. Lightly used and in excellent condition. Includes PPG sensor (heart rate), Sampling Tube, checklists, USB cable, and Installation CD. 16 Nasal cannulas and 3 filters included. Retails at $3300. Asking $2800. Please email for more information and pictures.

JoAnne Scott


Brain - Trainer Combo Package
September 24, 2015

From Brain Trainer - By Trainers for Trainers. Train EEG and Prefrontal HEG nIR HEG combo with EEG complete trainer's package. $2,800.00.

Alicya Simmons


2012 Deymed w/LORETA
August 27, 2015

German made top of the line Deymed all in one system and screen built into a professional cart. This is a very impressive mapping and treatment system. We have added on LORETA and have several additional keys for high performance. Paid over $39,000 or the system and add-ons. System comes with everything needed including caps, cables. In like new condition, sell for $30,000. Will take CC transaction as payment.

Claudia Airola


Used J&J biofeedback equipment
July 16, 2015

I have a bunch of J&J biofeedback equipment I would like to sell including: 3 M53 EMG 2 P500 Power supplies 2 D-200 Digital integrators 1 I330 computer interface with a PPG module 2 T-68 Assorted cables and EMG pre amps. Best offer!

Mark Lefebvre


WinEEG Advanced EEG & QEEG Analysis Software + EEGStudio EEG recording software
July 15, 2015

I have 2 software dongles for WinEEG Advanced and EEGStudio Software. WinEEG advanced version allows the user all of the functions of the basic version and additionally the ability to import non-Mitsar format files, record Event Related Potential data (with the use of EEGStudio), and to perform database comparisons (with the addition of the HBI database). Raw QEEG can be exported to files with different formats such as ASCII, Binary, EDF and etc. Raw QEEG can be imported with WinEEG advanced version* from file with next formats EDF, EDF+, UDF, ASCII, LEXICOR, NeuroScan v.4. QEEG spectra, coherence, ERP, ERD and parameters of task performance can be exported to ASCII file automatically for collection of recordings selected by user. These sell for 2000usd each. will accept 1400usd or nearest offer.

Sotirios Douklias


Brainmaster Discovery with Extra Software
April 27, 2015

QEEG and Neurofeedback systems available from different manufacturers such as Brainmaster, Mitsar, Cadwell, Cygnet/Neuroamp, etc.
All in excellent condition and briefly used by my BCIA online mentoring students. Practitioner training and protocol service available.
Please email for more information and photos.

Alex Sanchez


Nexus 10
March 6, 2015

MINT CONDITION! NEXUS 10. Equipment used ONLY for certification. EXG Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Respiration Sensor, BVP Sensor, EXGB-REF (Reference Ground Cable), EXG2A Sensor, GSR1D Sensor, Respiration Bands, EEG Tape and Paste, Ultralast Energy Station Charger, 240 Pre-gelled Disposable Electrodes, Basic Neurotherapy Clinician's Guide, Biofeedback: A Practitioner's Guide by Schwartz and Andrasik. For anyone looking to get started with biofeedback and have everything you need- IT'S ALL INCLUDED! Valued at $7800, asking for $5300 OBO. Priced to sell!

Jason Frable


Nexus 4
February 13, 2015

BVP finger sensor, Respiration sensor, 2 channel EMG/EEG/EKG/EOG cable, ear clips, pellets, reusable and disposable electrodes, 2 ground reference cables, and manual.

Hard case & BioTrace software.  Includes 3 jars of paste Ten20 and 3 tubes of NuPrep.

Great condition, rarely used $2700 + shipping obo.

Meg Green



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