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Neuroamp II & EEG EXPert QIKtest-USB
May 13, 2015

$3,000 The NeuroAmp II was designed by and for clinicians and employs advanced technologies in a portable design while maintaining durability and ease of use. It has an easy to read built-in impedance meter and has the options for two-channel training as well as utilizing three peripherals (HEG available now, and coming soon HRV, Respiratory, GSR, Temperature, EMG, and more to come) and an Audio / Visual / Tactile out. Successful Neurofeedback builds on a quality EEG signal. The built-in impedance meter on the NeuroAmp helps to ensure optimal contact of the electrodes on the scalp. Colored indicator lights illuminate to quickly show you the strength of each connection at anytime during a session. The original infra-low frequency neurofeedback amplifier Built-in impedance meter helps to achieve optimum electrode contacts Meets and exceeds medical specifications for the US and Europe Easy to handle and use for a low noise signal Two-channel EEG amplifiers are aligned and high-resolution DC to 100 Hz frequency range 2 EEG input channels 8 peripheral input channels USB powered - means no changing batteries Software controlled power switch and auto shut-off with inactivity Easy to use High-performance design to ensure valid EEG readings Class IIa medical device USA (FDA) / Europe (CE) Impedance meter Wide impedance range DC to 100 Hz Equivalent input noise: < 0.01uV/√Hz, flat to DC - no 1/f noise Bright easy-to-read LED bar display Balance display for optimum EEG signal noise reduction Bad electrode warning EEG amplifier Two channels 100% remote-controlled by therapist's software Fast settling time High-performance anti-aliasing filters Peripheral sensor interface Eight peripheral inputs Supply of power for active sensors High-performance filters for optimum noise suppression Audio / Visual / Tactile output Programmable analog output DC -2.5 to +2.5V AC 1...250Hz, Max 5Vss Power supply.

Kelly Feely


Brain Master Atlantis I 4X4
May 13, 2015

$2,000 ATLANTIS I is a 4x4 design (with four channels of EEG and four channels of AUX signals) ideal for additional biofeedback modalities. Includes continuous real-time impedance checking and recording; Total Immersion with photic, vibratory and auditory feedback. Cutting edge technology including 24 bit analog-to-digital converters, 1024 samples per second and USB technology. May optionally add Mini-Q II for QEEG data. What you get: *Atlantis 4X4 Module SN 31428 *Brain Avatar 4.0 for Atlantis *Brain Avatar 4.0 Mini LLp for Atlantis *Brain DX 4 Channel Z-Score Surface Training *EEG Audio: EEG Audio Othmer/Brandon *CIS: Beyond VR *MMP & DVD:Mark Swann *Somantic Vision: Inner Tube, Particle Editor Ryan Deluz *4 Channel Input Cable & Jumper Cables *Multi Media Player *Software and Video DVD *Carrying Case.

Kelly Feely


Brainmaster Discovery with Extra Software
April 27, 2015

Brainmaster Discovery qEEG/Neurofeedback system 4k and brainmaster 2 and 4 channel units available. 
I also have a Truscan EEG 24ch qEEG/neurofeedback system for sale.
More Bio/Neuro feedback units are still available. All in excellent condition and briefly used by my BCIA online mentoring students. Please email with questions. I can send photos.

Alex Sanchez


Nexus 10
April 22, 2015

Like new Bio/Neurofeedback equipment: Nexus 10 SN-0928060016, plus numerous sensors ( NX-RSP1A Respiration; NX-EXG2A EEG, EMG, ECG & EOG; NX-BVP1C- Finger Heart rate sensor; NX-EXGB- Refernence; NX-TMP1A temperature). Also included Dr. Swingle’s braindriver machine, 1partial packages of Disposable Pregelled electrodes, Stens BlueTrodes and partial tube Ten20. Retail value approximately $6450 USD. This Nexus is the previous version to the one currently sold and is battery operated, wireless technology with Bluetooth, small leather case and hard plastic carry case included. Asking $4075 Canadian (approx.: $3400USD) plus shipping.

Dawna Silver


Lexicore Neurosearch 24 and Neurosearch24D
April 20, 2015

Lexicore Neurosearch 24 and a Neurosearch 24D, Your choice of one or the other or both. Many accessories including, but not limited to, two ohm meters, a red and a blue cap, gold connectors and many other cables etc. First reasonable offer. For further information contact me at (218) 838-0565.

Randall Bundy
(218) 838-0565


Nexus 10 Biofeedback System
March 26, 2015

Nexus-10 Mark II Encoder NX-battery Pack NX-charger and power cord Bluetooth 2-USB connectors 1-BVP (blood volume pulse) sensor 1-EXG (EMG, sEMG, ECG, EOG) sensor and grounding reference cable 1-GSR (galvanic skin resistance) sensor 1-RESP (respiration) sensor and belt set (2 sizes) for RESP 1-TEMP (temperature) sensor Cohesive wrap tape Electrodes Leather encoder case BioTrace V.2012 C software disc Nexus Hardware Manual BK-Nexus Lab Manual "Biofeedback Mastery: An Experiential Teaching and Self-Training Manual" by Erik Peper and Hana Tylova Follow the link for more detailed information about the hardware, software, and supplemental materials: The total price for the system listed above is $5000.00 plus shipping. In addition, the Biotrace software is installed on an HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook PC (connects to Nexus via bluetooth) which I can include for another $400.

Aaron Kaplan


Nexus 10
March 6, 2015

MINT CONDITION! NEXUS 10. Equipment used ONLY for certification. EXG Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Respiration Sensor, BVP Sensor, EXGB-REF (Reference Ground Cable), EXG2A Sensor, GSR1D Sensor, Respiration Bands, EEG Tape and Paste, Ultralast Energy Station Charger, 240 Pre-gelled Disposable Electrodes, Basic Neurotherapy Clinician's Guide, Biofeedback: A Practitioner's Guide by Schwartz and Andrasik. For anyone looking to get started with biofeedback and have everything you need- IT'S ALL INCLUDED! Valued at $7800, asking for $5300 OBO. Priced to sell!

Jason Frable


Nexus 4
February 13, 2015

BVP finger sensor, Respiration sensor, 2 channel EMG/EEG/EKG/EOG cable, ear clips, pellets, reusable and disposable electrodes, 2 ground reference cables, and manual.

Hard case & BioTrace software.  Includes 3 jars of paste Ten20 and 3 tubes of NuPrep.

Great condition, rarely used $2700 + shipping obo.

Meg Green


Mini-Q II, Electro Cap package
November 3, 2014

Wanna-be Neurofeedback therapist is throwing in the towel! For Sale, a Mini-Q II EEG assessment unit by Brainmaster. Never been used. Lists for $1495. Also, an Electro Cap start-up package (still wrapped in the mailing package it arrived in). Includes one Medium-size cap (all you really need). Lists for $475. A $2000 value. Asking $1550. These are in "as-new" condition.

Matt Mielnick


Nexus 4 channel
October 28, 2014

Nexus 4, BVP finger sensor, temp sensor, 2 channel EMG/EEG/EKG/EOG cable, electrodes, manual, case & all related accessories. Paid $5200 in 2010. Like new $2750.

Carol Jones


Complete Biofeedback System
July 29, 2014

Barely used Complete Biofeedback system including: Play Attention -2 Sizes of Helmets -All Connectors -Main Unit Heart Math -Freeze Framer -All Connectors -Manual -Sensors Nexus-10 -All Connectors -All Sensors -Loads of Electrodes -Bio Trace Software -Remote Unit -Several Manuals Original Cost for Entire Package was over $10,000.00. I am selling for $5,000.00 obo.

Mitch Lau


Pro Comp Infinity
March 4, 2014

Pro Comp Infiniti, Model SA7500, Serial CA1891. $2,500. Includes hardware manual, software manual, installation instructions, all disks updated to 2012. -Qty (2) Myoscan Pro for biofeedback -Qty (2) SC Flex Pro for skin conductance -Qty (2) EEG-Z adaptors Approx. 300 EMG single electrode units #T3404 Approx. 100 EMG triode electrode (nickel plated brass) units #T3402M Approx. 70 electrode prep pads #B59800 Approx. 100 Unigel single electrode units #T3425 Thought Technology can transfer any upgrades and support to new owner when notified of serial # and sale.

Pam Moore


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