Module 7: Adjunctive Interventions and Assessment

Covers Blueprint Area VII: Adjunctive Interventions

8 hours:
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Donald Moss, PhD, BCIAC

This module is designed to help you:

  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of candidates for biofeedback therapy.
  • Conduct a psychophysiological stress profile as a component of the initial evaluation.
  • Integrate relevant medical, work, and psychosocial histories into a comprehensive psychophysiological understanding of the patient’s symptoms.
  • Educate the patient about psychophysiological mechanisms and self-regulation principles relevant to his or her disorder.
  • Utilize principles of learning theory to identify critical forces maintaining or magnifying the symptoms.
  • Utilize psychotherapeutic principles and relaxation, hypnotic and imagery techniques to enhance the effectiveness of biofeedback therapy.
  • Apply behavioral principles and techniques to design a treatment plan for the biofeedback patient.
  • Integrate cognitive/behavioral approaches into the treatment plan.
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