Biofeedback Equipment Capabilities Comparison Guide

This material was compiled by Richard A. Sherman, PhD, BCIAC and Nanny H. Christie, PhD, LPC, BCIAC with the assistance of Amy Coleman (a student of Dr. Sherman's at the time the original work was done).

This table is based on the answers to a survey sent to all biofeedback equipment manufacturers of whom the compilers are aware. Questions for this survey of equipment capabilities were generated by the authors and then sent for comment by three manufacturers.

A major strength of maintaining this table on the web site is that manufacturers can update the information as their equipment changes and as new equipment comes out. One of the first columns in the spread sheet is the date the data were updated so readers will know how current the information on the particular item is.

The spreadsheet is vertically organized into four categories:

  1. Computer-Based, Multichannel Systems not intended for ambulatory or home use
  2. Ambulatory / Home Trainers
  3. Stand alone Single / Dual parameter non-computer based systems
  4. Software not supplied with the equipment

Within each section, each of the spreadsheet's rows is used for one item of equipment. A manufacturer selling several devices within one category would have one row for each device. The questions for each category are spaced horizontally across the width of the spreadsheet.

Manufacturers please note:

If we failed to contact you or somehow didn't include your information, please contact the senior author at for a survey and we will add your information to the spreadsheet appearing on the website should it be appropriate.

If you want to change or add material, just contact the senior author and the new material will be incorporated.

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